The Little-Known Star Wars RPG Game ANYONE Can Play For Free!

Ah, yes: Star Wars. The one property that ruled the message boards, and then the internet, before it was cool. There was no Marvel, there was no DC. In our hearts, there was only Star Wars, and whether or not Han shot first (he did not). There have been many Star Wars games of course. Even in recent times, we’ve had the rebooted Battlefront series, as well as Jedi: Fallen Order and Squadrons. However, I come with news of a game you can play right now, for free, regardless of how powerful your device is. Are you ready?


If you’re not all that familiar with the SW universe, let me tell you about Rogue One. It is actually my favorite Star Wars movie. It does not try to set up a million sequels or spinoffs. The movie is itself a one-off spinoff. Therefore, it can focus on just being the best one-shot movie it can be. And it’s so, so good.

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The plot of the movie originated from a throwaway line in Episode IV: A New Hope, about where the plans to defeat the Death Star had come from. And so, out of this seemingly innocuous comment, comes a story of sacrifice, kindness and betrayal. Absolutely amazing, with a tearjerker of an ending.

I’ve always loved Star Wars games. But they tend to focus on the mainline trilogy and its protagonists. As cool as Luke, Leia, Vader and Obi-wan are, I just wished there was a game focused on Jyn Erso and her band of misfits. Turns out, there is!


Enter free-to-play Star Wars: Rogue One – Boots on the Ground. Now, don’t get scared off by the “free-to-play” moniker. This isn’t free-to-win. In fact, there’s no cost at all: no purchase costs, and no microtransactions, either.

Best of all, it’s a top-down RPG that runs in your browser! I kid you not. Almost any modern device can play this game. It doesn’t matter if you have a computer or a mobile phone.

You take command of three heroes from the movie, including Cassian and (my favorite) K-250. If you’ve loved C3P-O and R2-D2, then K-250 will be both a welcome addition and a fresh surprise. He’s quirky, a bit of an arse and just the most endearing droid around.

The game really reminds me of CRPG classics like the original Fallout and its sequel, as well as the Diablo franchise. Now, this isn’t as loot-heavy as Diablo, or as grim as Fallout. It is actually a bit arcade-y in its execution, and a bit short, too.

But for a casual go at a game based on the franchise that started movie franchises, you cannot go wrong with Star Wars: Rogue One – Boots on the Ground!

Play the game for FREE at PLAYS.ORG.

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