Infinite Frontiers – What’s On This Website

On this site you’ll find a varied mix of content. We want to try to make this website as entertaining as possible so you’ll all enjoy your time here. Not only that but we also want you to come back, not only once but repeatedly to discover something new every time you visit. But what can you expect to find here on the website?

It’s All About The Content

Everything we do with the website is driven by you, our site visitors. We want to provide you with great content to inform and entertain you about all things geek related. Across the entire site we’ll be featuring reviews, blogs, articles, fan fiction, regular features, interviews… anything you want us to write about and as our creative team expands we hope to be able to keep up to date and bring you all the latest geek news as it happens as well. Ultimately though, we want to make this the type of site that you want to visit so tell us what you want from it!

Three Decades Of History

We’ve been in the business of producing fanzines and running sci-fi clubs and events for almost thirty years now. In that time we have amassed a vast library of content spanning a diverse range of subjects. Much of this was printed in short run fanzines or fan club magazines, a lot of which has long since gone out of print. So, we’ll be tapping into our vaults and bringing you some of these great articles, fan fiction and more that hasn’t been seen or read for decades!

We Are Not Alone…

One thing we value here at Infinite Frontiers is working with partners who we think will benefit our site visitors. What we are aiming to do is work with other websites and companies who we think will help us to enhance what we offer and allow our team to concentrate on what they do best. In essence, we are looking to work with people who can enhance the site but not duplicate work we’re already doing. At the same time, if there are things that we want to do, but we know we can work with someone else and add the content that way instead we’ll consider working with a partner instead, freeing up our team’s time and resources.

Starting off, we are working with two Youtube Channels, each run by two of our team members. First is Sven Harvey’s Geekology which will be providing a regular mix of geek related videos, vlogs and reviews, while Matthew Grant’s Toy Therapy will be providing us with a regular stream of video toy reviews for the website. We know you’ll all love these videos on the site and that you’ll support their work.

Game On!

While video games are going to play an important part of what we do at Infinite Frontiers, we are taking a slightly different approach. We’ll not only cover contemporary systems, but retro computers and consoles as well (including classic retrospective game reviews). The only thing that won’t be appearing on the site as a rule will be content related to the PlayStation Vita. It’s not because we don’t like the console, far from it but it’s because we’ll leave all the coverage of that to our other site, Vita Player!

Free Video Games

Everyone loves something for nothing, and if you visit this website on a regular basis, that’s exactly what you’ll get! We’re big fans of retro gaming here at Infinite Frontiers and we have a section on the site dedicated to Retro Game Downloads. In here you’ll find a great selection of FULL games available to download at no charge. We have an archive of well over 200 games spread across over a dozen different classic computers and games consoles including the Amiga, Commodore 64, Spectrum, Sega Megadrive and many more and all of these files are presented here with the full permission of their original publishers.

We’ll be adding more to this part of the site on a regular basis as we sort through them so keep coming back – you never know what will have been added!

Only The Amiga Makes It Possible…

We had a massive track record of releasing software on the Commodore Amiga computer back in the 90s, with our work being featured regularly in the mainstream Amiga magazines. We’ll be bringing you our complete software catalogue absolutely free to download, as well as some new titles that are in the works!

I Can’t Find The Droids I Was Looking For…

The website will cover a wide range of subjects and we hope will have enough to keep even the most hard-to-please of geeks satisfied. As well as all of the mainstream forms of sci-fi and fantasy that you’d come to expect – Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC etc – we’re only too happy to take a look and feature almost anything else as well as long as it’s mainly family friendly. The only thing that you won’t genenerally find here is much related to Transformers. Why? That’s what our other site, Auto Assembly is for! Free fanzines, a dedicated Youtube channel, a podcast on the way and much more, we’ll be uploading the majority of our Transformers content to that website.