Revolution Software Downloads

Revolution Software have been specialising in adventure games for some time, releasing such classic games as Beneath A Steel Sky, and most famously, the superb Broken Sword series. Thanks to Charles Cecil at Revolution, we are able to bring you some of their classic Amiga and Atari ST releases…

Beneath A Steel Sky – Amiga CD32 version

This is one of, if not the best point and click adventure ever released for the Amiga. This is a superb futuristic game, featuring some stunning artwork from leading comic illustrator, Dave Gibbons. The original release of this came on no less than 15 disks, but the version presented here is the CD32 conversion, which featured a fully spoken soundtrack.

This zip file contains an ISO image. Just burn this ISO file to any blank CD (most CD writing software will be able to convert this file back into a “normal” disc) which can then be used on the CD32 or any AGA Amiga with a CD-ROM drive.

Lure Of The Temptress – Amiga

Lure Of The Temptress is a superb point-and-click adventure game and was the first title released by Revolution. This uses an innovative context-sensitive control system that negates the need for any on-screen icons to perform actions. This should run quite happily on all Amigas and Amiga emulator. The game spans four disks (all here in ADF format collected in this single zip file).

All of the titles featured here remain the copyright of Revolution Software and are included here for download with permission.