Infinite Frontiers – Meet The Team

We have a constantly growing and evolving team here at Infinite Frontiers, dedicated to bringing you the best in sci-fi, gaming, and geek culture. As well as working on our core projects, many of our team specialise in dedicated areas of our work to give you the best possible websites and online entertainment and information that we possibly can. So, let’s not waste any more time and introduce you to the team…

Simon Plumbe

Heading up the team as always is Infinite Frontiers founder, Simon Plumbe. Simon will be overseeing most aspects of Infinite Frontiers, as well as handling editorial duties on The Final Frontier, overseeing work for Auto Assembly, and is the site editor for Vita Player. You can get in touch with Simon at

Trish Plumbe

Simon’s long-suffering wife Trish will be overseeing most of our social media outlets for all of our websites so if you are ever visiting any of our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts and asking us questions over there, the chances are that it will be Trish that you’re talking to! Need to know anything about our social media coverage? Contact Trish at

Marcos Codas

Playing a vital part in Infinite Frontiers, Marcos is the Assistant Site Editor for Vita Player amongst his many roles here. Marcos Codas was born in Paraguay (the heart of South America). He moved to Canada at age 17, and has been living there since. A self-educated musician, producer and designer, Marcos spends most of his working time helping growing artists and brands develop their identity. He has been a fan of portable gaming since his friend Victor showed him Mortal Kombat II on the original Gameboy in the early 90s.

While Marcos’ own history in gaming began with computer games like the original Prince of Persia and Duke Nukem 3D, he now games exclusively on mobile and portable devices. A fan of JRPGs and platformers, Marcos prefers to play single player experiences, but loves sharing thoughts and engaging in debates with other members of the gaming community. Marcos can be contacted at

Louis Turfrey

Louis is a disabled writer, musician, singer, graphic artist, computer geek and is gadget mad!

Louis started out writing a weekly column called System Builder for Micro-Mart Magazine. He did this for ten solid years. At one point he also co-owned and contributed fiction and articles for Lightsabre – a UK Star Wars fan site, (now part of Jedi News). Louis has even written DVD and movie reviews for Den of Geek too!

In 2011, he gave it all up to deal with some family issues, which took him away from writing for roughly five years. Now he’s back and working with us on Infinite Frontiers.

Louis will be contributing reviews, articles, and interviews. He will also be managing the Twitter feed for the site, if he remembers the password. You may even get to hear his dulcet tones on our new YouTube channel as he interrogates and chats about movies, sci-fi, animation, games and gadgets.

Sven Harvey

Another team veteran, Sven has been a part of Infinite Frontiers since 1992 working originally on our Amiga Star Trek disk magazine The Final Frontier, before moving onto working on our fan clubs and conventions and then co-founding our Transformers convention Auto Assembly. Sven works across the entire Infinite Frontiers group including the relaunch of The Final Frontier, Auto Assembly and Vita Player. Sven also runs the sci-fi and and fantasy online community Geekology GB along with co-presenting its Youtube Channel which will be showcasing its videos here on our website. If you want to contact Sven, he can be emailed at

Matthew Grant

A new face to Infinite Frontiers but not a stranger to those who have been supporting Auto Assembly for the last few years, Matt is joining us as our official photographer and face of Auto Assembly’s Youtube channel. He’ll be working to help us have a fantastic selection of videos for all of you to enjoy all year long. Outside of Auto Assembly, Matt can be found producing videos for his own Youtube Channel, Toy Therapy, bringing geeks his regular views and reviews on countless toys across the entire spectrum of the SF and fantasy genre which will be showcased here on the website. If you have any ideas for anything you’d like to see on the Auto Assembly Youtube channel, just drop Matt a message at

Paula Griffee

Hailing from Finland, Paula is Auto Assembly’s in-house artist and will be using her skills as a digital illustrator to provide a range of stunning artwork across a wide range of projects that we will have in store including The Cybertronian Times and much, much more! Her art portfolio can be found on her Tumblr page at and you can contact her at

Steve Shreeve

Steve is the latest team member to join us at Infinite Frontiers. Steve cut his teeth with us writing for our Transformers fanzine The Cybertronian Times but is now coming on board to not only continue his great work with that but also to spread his wings further into all aspects of geekdom so expect to see a lot more from him in the coming months!

Joe Purse

Bio coming soon

Dylan Chaundy

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Mark ButlerBio coming soon

Tony Wilkins

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