Infinite Frontiers – FAQ

You’ve had some time to explore the Infinite Frontiers website but no doubt you have questions about the site, our team, or some of the things that we do but rather than uploading dozens of pages, we thought that it would be best to answer all of your questions here in our FAQ page. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, send us a message using our Contact Form.


Q. How often is the website updated?

A. We have a team of writers as well as a large library of software available to add to our downloads section, so we hope to be able to add something new to the site most days.

Q. How can I become one of your site partners?

A. We’re always looking for other people and groups to team up with. We are well aware that we have our limitations here at Infinite Frontiers and that there is only so much that we can do as a team. As such, we would rather work with other people to bring you even more great content through their websites, Youtube Channels and more rather than let you miss out on some great material that you can read, see or hear. If you do run anything that you think our readers would be interested in, drop us a line using the Contact Form.

Retro Video Game Downloads

Q. I run a video games website. Can I download the games here and upload them to my own site?

A. No. To do this, you will need to get permission from the copyright holders as we have done so for this website.

Q. There are some old games that I would love to see on the website. Can you get them for me?

A. Drop us an email and let us know what titles you would like to see and we’ll look into their copyright status and who currently owns them. Then we’ll try to see what we can do if at all possible!


Q. Why do you review old games / products?

A. As far as games are concerned, we know a lot of our site visitors are interested in retro gaming, so we will always look at covering games no matter how old they are. For toys and merchandise, there will always be products that will be new to someone so as long as a review is well-written, we will give consideration to publishing it on the website.

Q. Do you get paid by companies to review their products?

A. No but occasionally we are sent review samples or – in the case of video games – review copies from publishers. This does not affect the reviews that we give to products or scores that we have given to video games. On the Vita Player website, we have often given low scores to games where we have been provided complimenary copies, simply because we have felt that the games did not warrant a good review.