Anirog / Anco Software Downloads

Anirog (later known as Anco) was one of the biggest publishers of games in the 80s, releasing games for almost every 8-bit machine in existence. Working in partnership with companies such as the German developer Kingsoft, they release a massive range of high quality games and when rebranded as Anco were famous for releasing the seminal football game Kick Off which spawned countless sequels and is now set for a revival by its creator Dino Dini on the PS4 and PS Vita.

Contrary to what many gamers may believe, Sony weren’t the first company to innovate with their Cross Buy initiative. Anirog were infact the first publisher to do this. Many of their early games featured multiple formats on the same cassette with Vic 20 and Commodore 64 owners often being treated to two versions of the same game!

All of the files here are uploaded as zip files. Within these are either cartridge ROMs, disk or tape images for use with emulators or in the case of Amiga, ADF files that can be used either with emulators or converted back down to floppy disk to be used on real Amigas.

We were graciously given permission to make the entire Anirog and Anco back catalogue available to all of you by company owner Anil Gupta before he sadly passed away a few years ago. This section of the site is dedicated to his memory.

Anirog / Anco Downloads – Updated 30th March 2016

3D Time TrekAmstrad / Commodore 16 / Commodore 64

Anirog’s version of some of the old Star Trek inspired games. Space exploration, 3D arcade sections and sci-fi strategy.

Battle Through TimeCommodore 64

An interesting variation on the Moon Buggy genre, this time putting you right in the action in a variety of different time zones, each with vehicles and enemy craft from that era.

BongoSpectrum / Vic 20

A great platform game featuring a giant mouse and using some clever programming routines to use the whole screen on the Vic 20. One of the best platform games on the system.

Five A Side FootballCommodore 64

A fun indoor soccer game for the C64 with something that was pretty unique for the time – full speech throughout! Great for all football fans.

Flight Path 737Commodore 16 / Commodore 64 / Spectrum / Vic 20

Anirog’s first flight simulator and one of the earliest titles to offer their multiformat release with both the C64 and Vic 20 version sharing the same cassette.

GalaxyCommodore 64

Galaxy is an adaptation of the classic arcade game, Galaga, developed for Anirog by German developers, Kingsoft. A faithful conversion, even if the graphics are lacking in terms of colour. Still a great shoot-em-up though.

Jump JetAmiga / Amstrad / Commodore 16

A combat flight simulator putting you right at the controls of one of the most intimidating and recognisable fighter planes in the British armed forces – the Harrier Jump Jet.

Moon BuggyAmstrad / Commodore 16 / Commodore 64 / Spectrum

A conversion of the classic side-scrolling arcade game, Moon Patrol. A faithful adaptation with good graphics and sound. A must for any fan of the original.

Out On A LimbCommodore 16 / Commodore 64

Out On A Limb, released in 1985, is a fiendishly difficult platform game, based on the Jack and the Beanstalk story. It requires precision jumping as you climb the beanstalk up into the clouds and beyond. Each screen appears as you jump blindly from one to the next. The C64 version is notable because of the speech featured in the game – a brief introduction, speech at the end, and every time you lost a life. There is very little difference between the two versions other than that.

SkrambleCommodore 16 / Commdore 64

Another game “inspired” by a classic side-scrolling arcade shooter. We’re sure you can work out which one it is…

SlapshotAmstrad / Commodore 64

Another sports game from the Anco stable, this time taking on the Canadian favourite ice hockey.

Space PilotCommodore 16 / Commodore 64

Anirog’s tribute to the arcade classic, Time Pilot, is a stunning action-packed shoot-em-up. If you want a fast action arcade game for your C64 or C16 emulator, then look no further!

Thai BoxingAmstrad / Atari ST / Commodore 64

Thai Boxing was a martial arts game released on a number of different formats. It uses fairly small characters on screen, and plays in a pseudo-3D isometric view. It doesn’t have the finese of C64 games like International Karate, but that’s a hard challenge to take up…

The CatacombsCommodore 64

The Catacombs is a graphic adventure for the Commodore 64, featuring music and animated as well as still graphics. You take on the role of one adventurer in a party of three, randomly chosen at the start of the game.

ZodiacCommodore 16 / Commodore 64

A maze-based arcade action game where you have to explore the game area, destroying all manner of strange creatures while trying to collect the twelve signs of the zodiac.