Commodore 64 Downloads

Regardless of the type of game you enjoy playing, we have a massive selection of games on offer for you. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring you a great selection from the Commodore 64’s history from some of the great publishers and we think you’ll enjoy the selection of games on offer.

All of the games here can be run on any Commodore 64 emulator. Just download any of the zip files here and decompress them to your computer. The games here are in various formats compatible with all emulators – single files, TAP files, T64 and D64 files. In the case of cassette emulated files, please remember that as these are emulating cassettes completely, these will take several minutes to load, even on an emulator for that authentic C64 experience!

Battle Through Time (Anirog / Anco)

An interesting variation on the Moon Buggy genre, this time putting you right in the action in a variety of different time zones, each with vehicles and enemy craft from that era.

Five A Side Football (Anirog / Anco)

A fun indoor soccer game for the C64 with something that was pretty unique for the time – full speech throughout! Great for all football fans.

Galaxy (Anirog / Anco)

Galaxy is an adaptation of the classic arcade game, Galaga, developed for Anirog by German developers, Kingsoft. A faithful conversion, even if the graphics are lacking in terms of colour. Still a great shoot-em-up though.

Moon Buggy (Anirog / Anco)

A conversion of the classic side-scrolling arcade game, Moon Patrol. A faithful adaptation with good graphics and sound. A must for any fan of the original.

Out On A Limb (Anirog / Anco)

Out On A Limb, released in 1985, is a fiendishly difficult platform game, based on the Jack and the Beanstalk story. It requires precision jumping as you climb the beanstalk up into the clouds and beyond. Each screen appears as you jump blindly from one to the next. The C64 version is notable because of the speech featured in the game – a brief introduction, speech at the end, and every time you lost a life.

Space Pilot (Anirog / Anco)

Anirog’s tribute to the arcade classic, Time Pilot, is a stunning action-packed shoot-em-up. If you want a fast action arcade game for your C64 or C16 emulator, then look no further!

Thai Boxing (Anirog / Anco)

Thai Boxing was a martial arts game released on a number of different formats. It uses fairly small characters on screen, and plays in a pseudo-3D isometric view. It doesn’t have the finese of C64 games like International Karate, but that’s a hard challenge to take up…

The Catacombs (Anirog / Anco)

The Catacombs is a graphic adventure for the Commodore 64, featuring music and animated as well as still graphics. You take on the role of one adventurer in a party of three, randomly chosen at the start of the game.

Zodiac (Anirog / Anco)

A maze-based arcade action game where you have to explore the game area, destroying all manner of strange creatures while trying to collect the twelve signs of the zodiac.