Vic 20 Downloads

Not Commodore’s first computer, but certainly one that many still have fond memories of. Despite the base machine only having an incredibly limited 5k of RAM for developers to work with, many were able to work wonders with Commodore’s Vic 20. With the addition of memory expansion units and the use of cartridge based games, the system was able to deliver some fantastic games and was home to some great arcade conversions (both official and unofficial) and some of the finest shooters from developers such as Llamasoft, Anirog and a massive library from stalwarts Mastertronic.

Because of the small file size of Vic 20 games, we have not compressed many of these files prior to uploading them (specifically those by Llamasoft) and as such they are in a form that can be loaded directly into any Vic 20 emulator once downloaded.

Vic 20 Downloads – Updated 27th January 2016

Abductor (Llamasoft)

Andes Attack (Llamasoft)

A defender-inspired shooter for the Vic 20.

Attack Of The Mutant Camels (Llamasoft)

Jeff Minter’s classic side-scrolling shoot-em-up that pits you and your lone spacecraft against giant spitting camels with shades of Defender. A deserving classic!

Bongo (Anirog)

A great platform game featuring a giant mouse and using some clever programming routines to use the whole screen on the Vic 20. One of the best platform games on the system.

Flight Path 737 (Anirog)

Anirog’s first flight simulator and one of the earliest titles to offer their multiformat release with both the C64 and Vic 20 version sharing the same cassette.

Gridrunner (Llamasoft)

The first in the Gridrunner series and Jeff Minter once again takes one of his personal favourites – Centipede – and ads a hairy touch!

Hell Gate (Llamasoft)

Another smash hit from the mind of Jeff Minter! A fast paced shoot-em-up where you control no less than FOUR ships for frenentic action!

Lazer Zone (Llamasoft)

A fast paced shoot-em-up where you control two independent spacecraft – one on the x-axis, the other on the y-axis – and you have to master control of both to destroy the never ending wave of attacks.

Metagalactic Llamas Battle At The Edge Of Time (Llamasoft)

Probably one of the longest titles for a game in history, this is one of my personal favourites! This puts you in control of a laser-spitting llama trying to defend the earth from invading giant spiders. Your lasers reflect off the top of the screen and bounce back hitting any stray spiders, but you can also raise and lower this barrier giving you full control of your weapon. A classic!

Psychedelia (Llamasoft)

Not a game but a “light synthesiser” – a fun visual effects program that lets you play with patterns of colours and lights on screen. Best way to describe this is as a virtual kaleidoscope!

Rox III (Llamasoft)

A shoot-em-up that pays tribute to the classic arcade game Missile Command. This is the Vic 20 port of the C64 original that first appeared as a magazine type-in game!