ZX Spectrum Downloads

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was deservedly a runaway success in the UK. Incredibly affordable, it was more readily accessible than it’s pricier rival at the time, the Commodore 64, and being a British built computer, it’s no wonder that it became the nation’s favourite system. The rivalry between the two systems continues today, but the computer has a massive and incredibly loyal following and an equally impressive software library with thousands of games being released since the computer hit the stores back in 1982.

As with other systems we are supporting, we have a diverse range of games on offer and we have not only negotiated to get permission to make these classics available for download here for your personal use with the original authors and publishers, but we’ll be continuing to add more over time.

All of the games here can be run on any Spectrum emulator. For convenience, these files can be loaded directly into your chosen emulator without the need to be decompressed. The games here are in various formats but where possible we will endeavour to source files in the most common TAP and Z80 formats to ensure maximum compatibility.

We will also be testing everything on the ZX Spectrum Vega console and we will let you know which games work or not (or may need additional keymaps downloading or creating to be able to work properly).

Bongo (Anirog / Anco) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

A great platform game featuring a giant mouse. Good port from the Vic 20 original.

City Bomb (Llamasoft) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

One of Jeff Minter’s earliest games is a simple affair. Your plane is flying over a city and you have to drop bombs to destroy all of the buildings to allow you to land safely. Simple, but fun!

Flight Path 737 (Anirog / Anco)

Anirog’s first flight simulator and one of the earliest titles to offer their multiformat release with both the C64 and Vic 20 version sharing the same cassette.

Galactic Abductors (Anirog / Anco) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

Futuristic shoot-em-up defending humans against waves of alien kidnappers.

Gridrunner (Llamasoft)

The first in the Gridrunner series, and Jeff Minter once again takes one of his personal favourites – Centipede – and ads a hairy touch! Pretty good conversion to the Spectrum!

Headbangers Heaven (Llamasoft) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

Definitely a strange one. You take on the role of a heavy metal fan and you have to collect bags of money and deposit them safely. You have to catch hammers with your head (!), while losing a life if you are hit on the body. Weird!!

Laser Zone (Llamasoft) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

A fast paced shoot-em-up where you control two independent spacecraft – one on the x-axis, the other on the y-axis – and you have to master control of both to destroy the never ending wave of attacks.

Matrix (Llamasoft) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

The sequel to Gridrunner, Jeff Minter once again takes an old favourite game format, in this case Centipede, and adds his own unique style to it, enhancing it well beyond the realms of the original. Simply superb. Just click on the appropriate button to download the right version of this game.

Metagalactic Llamas Battle At The Edge Of Time (Llamasoft)

Probably one of the longest titles for a game in history, this is one of my personal favourites! A good conversion from the Vic 20, this puts you in control of a laser-spitting llama trying to defend the earth from invading giant spiders. Your lasers reflect off the top of the screen and bounce back hitting any stray spiders, but you can also raise and lower this barrier giving you full control of your weapon. A classic!

Moon Buggy (Anirog / Anco) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

A conversion of the classic side-scrolling arcade game, Moon Patrol. A faithful adaptation with good graphics and sound. A must for any fan of the original.

Pirate Adventure (Scott Adams / Adventure International) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a swashbuckling pirate in search of hidden treasure, now’s your chance in this classic text adventure from the mind of classic game designer Scott Adams.

Rox III (Llamasoft)

Spectrum ports of Rox-64. Keyboard needed.

Strange Odyssey (Scott Adams / Adventure International) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

A text adventure with a sci-fi flavour from the legendary Scott Adams. You’re stranded aboard a spacecraft, all alone. What you do next is up to you…

Superdeflex (Llamasoft) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

Strangely, a game from Llamasoft that ISN’T a shoot-em-up! An old title for the Spectrum.

Traxx (Llamasoft)

Traxx is based on the old game, “Painter”. Use your craft to fly over a grid, colouring in the grid as you pass over it, while avoiding all manner of nasties!

Voidrunner (Llamasoft) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

Another fast-paced frantic shoot-em-up. Another game inspired by Centipede, but adds a new twist with some of the levels being inverted so you are firing down from the top of the screen. Good graphics, and easily on a par with the more action-capable hardware of the C64. This game is a must for any shoot-em-up fan.

Voodoo Castle (Scott Adams / Adventure International) – ZX Spectrum Vega compatible

You’re the only hope for Count Cristo who has been placed under a fiendish curse. Lying prone you have to rescue him before it’s too late in this classic text adventure from the mind of Scott Adams.