Toys That Do Good: Shining a Light on Boss Fight Studio

How much do you know about where your toys come from? As I explored my own toy collecting hobby and whether I was doing it in the most responsible way that I could, I embarked on a quest to learn more about where our toys come from. As I learned more, I wanted to shine a light on those companies who are taking the production of their products and minimizing their impact on the environment seriously.

Boss Fight Studio kindly agreed to talk to me about the sustainability of their products, and quite honestly, they blew me away with what an environmentally and socially conscious company they are. I’m so excited to tell you more about them.

Boss Fight Studio – Boxing Clever

Boss Fight Studio have put an immense amount of thought into their products which enables them to both be “collector friendly” as well as minimizing waste. For example, you know that age old question: “do I leave my toy in the packaging or take it out and play with it?” With Boss Fight’s intelligent packaging you can do both! You no longer have to fear ripping a glued-on plastic bubble off the nice artwork card it comes on to get to your action figure, because Boss Fight’s toys are designed to be resealed by the collector. The packaging itself has been beautifully illustrated to make it a display piece in its own right, and the ability to reseal the toy in the packaging gives you multiple display (and storage) options while minimizing waste. And fear not, if you ultimately do decide that you do want to dispose of your packaging, Boss Fight Studio have stipulated with their factories and suppliers that all of their packaging must be made from fully recyclable materials.

An example of Boss Fight Studio’s resealable and fully recyclable packaging:

Boss Fight Studio’s commitment to minimizing waste and being eco-conscious comes from their founding partners. One of the ways that their team minimize waste is by ensuring that their products are produced to a very high standard. In fact, their product breakage levels are below industry norms (less than 2%).

Production Standards

This commitment to ensuring their products are produced to such a high standard also has other benefits for the environmentally/socially conscious toy collector. For example, Boss Fight Studio have very high standards that their production factories must adhere to including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that no child labor is used in production.
  • Complying with strict safety standards.
  • Ensuring all employees have access to the correct personal protective equipment.
  • Adhering to correct ventilation levels for safe working with plastics and paints.

One of their signature lines, Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S, features figures that have fully interchangeable parts. So, in the very rare occasion that something does break and is still covered by the returns policy, the whole action figure need not be sent back. only the damaged part needs to be returned, which Boss Fight Studio will replace, again minimizing waste.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Going deeper into minimizing environmental impact, Boss Fight Studio told me how one of the states which has the highest environmental standards for toys is California, and Boss Fight regularly meet their standards. What this means for the consumer is that Boss Fight’s toys are made from materials that are less hazardous to the environment in the unlikely case that they’re ever disposed of. Boss Fight Studio also keep their carbon footprint as low as possible by having their toys sent to the countries they’re sold in directly from the factory they were manufactured in, rather than having them sent to their head office and then back out to those countries. Packing boxes from the factories are also re-used when sending shipments out to customers.

One of the things that impressed me the most is that Boss Fight Studio’s commitment to their environmental and sustainably standards is not static. They are very much continually evaluating new ways to minimize their impact, in particular by evaluating the materials used in packaging and paints used on the figures.

Supporting Good Causes

Going beyond environmental impact, the whole team at Boss Fight are passionate people who all have causes that they support. They are a team of animal lovers and routinely take their pets to work with them-many of whom are rescue animals.

A portion of the profits from Boss Fight’s “The Little Prince” toy line go to supporting the Chicago branch of Ronald McDonald House, which supports families by providing accommodation and meals for them while their children are undergoing medical treatments. Additionally, one of the prototypes from the toy line was raffled off and 100% of the raffle sales also went to Ronald McDonald House, enabling one lucky person to obtain a bit of Boss Fight history while doing some good at the same time!

Closing Thoughts

I’d like to finish this piece by going back to where I started: How much do you know about where your toys come from? Knowledge is power, and the more we know about where and how our toys are made, the more power we have to make purchasing choices that align with our values. Boss Fight Studio are a company who strive to minimize their environmental impact, while also giving back and having high production standards – a great example of toys that do good!

Boss Fight Studio can be found on Twitter at and their website is

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