Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin’ Black Ranger Toy Review

This figure is based on the original character Zach Taylor from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (MMPR) show. Zack would ultimately be replaced as the Black Ranger by Adam in season two, but before that he commanded the Mastodon Zord, and used his hip hop kido fighting style to combat the Putties and monsters. I picked up my MMPR Black Ranger figure from Sonner Toys, via their website.


Many have said that this is their favorite MMPR Lightning Collection figure, and when I took him out of the box, I could see why. The combination of how they’ve nailed his look, and his fantastic accessories make him really stand out as a figure in this line. With all the same points of articulation as the rest of the figures, there’s no shortage of positions you’ll have to display him in.

Head Sculpt:

Spot on. The mastodon helmet looks like it’s jumped right off the screen and into your hands. You can practically hear Zack saying “let me chill this dude!”.


Zach comes with his power axe weapon and a blast effect that connects to the barrel when it’s converted into blaster mode. One thing I love is how the barrel slides up and down just as it did in the show! Great level of detail and I’m really pleased that they did this!

One drawback though, I couldn’t get it into his hands! I reached out to the community to see if anyone had had a similar issue and it appears as though others have too. Some people came back with suggestions on how they managed to do it, which involved things like hairdryers or warm water, but I think I’ll keep playing with mine and see how I get on for now.

Also included are two blade blasters. One in blaster mode and the other in blade mode. These are great, really well sculpted, painted and detailed. Either can be stored in the holster on Zack’s belt.

Like the other figures, we also get an un-helmeted Zack head which can be swapped out for the morphed helmet head, and an extra pair of hands that can also be swapped.


Great looking figure, but his hands are rock hard and his weapon has big handles which make it hard to get him to hold it. Frustrating, but if you’re going to collect the whole team, then you wouldn’t want to be without this figure. Having two blade blasters, and just how cool the Power Axe is does make up for the minor frustrations in my opinion!

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