“Nightmare Boy” coming to Switch soon!

The Vanir Project premiered its first creation on last October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC: a really fun metroidvania that took place in a nightmare world, with all its graphics hand-drawn, something that reminiscent of those of the great Commodore Amiga European classics from the 90’s.

Some of you already knew Nightmare Boy was coming to Switch, we talked about it on social networks, but now we have the pleasure of unveiling this release “officially” with this press release. Nightmare Boy will be available on Nintendo eShop on nextJanuary 16th.

This new version for Nintendo’s hybrid console will retain the essence and playability of the original Nightmare Boy and will include some of the upgrades introduced on version 1.0.2 of the game for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One: Digital pad controls, improved stability and a lot of minor bugs from the initial version fixed.

Join Billy, turned into the mysterious Rolok, and fight to wake up from your worst dream: a world of nightmare made up by your fears and the worst dreams from another ten kids, also trapped in that world.

Fight all kind of enemies, recover Billy’s original appearance and rescue the ten kids lost in their own nightmares; each one of them will give you new powers and will help you unveil different endings for the game.

Nightmare Boy mixes pixel art and cartoon visuals, has complex metroidvania game mechanics, big environments full of secrets, enemies and final bosses. Also, it hides a dark story beneath the surface and the player will be the one unveiling it.

Main Features:

  • Classic mechanics and playability that joins roaming, adventure and platforms.
  • Upgradeable character after defeating each final boss: double and triple jump, different magic attacks…
  • Graphic engine that mixes pixel art and cartoon characters, hand drawn, giving the game a 90’s arcade feeling.
  • Saving system based on collected jewels in the game. The more you save, the more expensive it gets.
  • Dark atmosphere, shady storyline; can you discover what lies beneath?

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