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For those of you reading this who aren’t familiar with the name, Infinite Frontiers is the fan organisation behind this website. Founded in 1989, we’ve been involved in all manner of projects spanning most aspects of geek culture for the last 35 years. Fan clubs, conventions, websites, YouTube channels, computer software, sports clubs, Facebook community groups… and if we haven’t done it directly, we’ve probably contributed to it in one way or another.

But the reason I’m writing this today is to talk about 2024 specifically. This year, as I’ve already touched upon, is our 35th Anniversary as an organisation, and we want to make this year special. More importantly, we want to thank YOU – our readers – for supporting us over the years so we’ve decided to set ourselves something of a challenge…

We have a diverse number of outlets here providing a mixture of content appealing to most aspects of geek culture, but we’ve decided that in 2024 we want to try to bring you more content than ever before. That’s going to mean putting some work in behind the scenes, but we’re confident that we can make it happen. So my goal personally is to bring you at least one new piece of written content on each of our websites every week this year plus a brand new video on our YouTube channel weekly.

While I know this is an ambitious task, creating about 250 new pieces in 12 month, I think the effort will be worth it and who knows, we might bring a few new contributors along for the ride! So where can you find all of this new content? Take a look at all our sites below:

Infinite Frontiers – our primary “geek” site covering everything from sci-fi to gaming, retro gaming, movies and more
Vita Player – PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable gaming
Auto Assembly – all things Transformers
Mastertronic Collectors Archive – a retro gaming site dedicated to the retro gaming company Mastertronic
Infinite Frontiers YouTube Channel – our channel covering all things geek including unboxings, convention footage, game reviews and more!

Feel free to check these out regularly to see what we add every week! We will have more planned throughout the year building up to our anniversary month in August and beyond, but stay tuned for more details on those.

Thanks for being with us for the last 35 years and here’s to the future.

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