Is Disney Infinity disappearing from the high street?

Following the announcement a few months ago from Disney Interactive that development was to cease for their Toys-To-Life franchise Disney Infinity, speculation has been rife as to the future of the series. While there have been a couple of final expansion packs released for the game since the announcement for Disney Infinity 3.0 as well as extra figures, things are rapidly coming to a close for the popular platform.

It’s one I’ve been particularly impressed with here, both on the PS3 with Disney Infinity 3.0 and on the PS Vita with Disney Infinity 2.0 but even support for both of these is coming to a close early next year when Disney themselves are closing all of their servers bringing the online aspect of the games to an end. Some may say that it’s starting to look rather bleak for fans of the franchise, but in one way perhaps there’s never been a better time to give the game a go…

As expected, the retail sector has responded to the news of the game’s demise in their usual way – total abandonment. Just as quickly as store displays were built, retailers are now trying as quickly as possible to clear out all of their stocks of figures, starter packs, Playsets, Power Discs… everything possible associated with the game. Without new products being released, many stores simply don’t believe that there is a future in supporting Disney Infinity any more. For gamers looking for a bargain this is great news as stores are offering incredible discounts and its not just limited to video games retailers – major high street stores such as Tesco and Asda are clearing their stocks to focus more on Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions instead.

If you take the time to hunt around you’ll see that Power Disc sets can be picked up for as little as £1, figures for £2 upwards and even Playsets for under £10. It’s very reminiscent of what happened with Disney Infinity 2.0 when 3.0 was announced – stores couldn’t get rid of their old stocks quick enough! If you have any gaps in your collection now really is the time to get out there and get buying before prices start to rise on the second hand market once the game has gone for good.

It’s the same with the online content as well. There are thousands of user-created worlds that will disappear forever come March 2017 and if you haven’t downloaded any of these yet, now’s the time to do it before it’s too late. At least figures and accessories will still be available but the downloads will be lost forever. It’s sad to see such a great series come to an end in this way, but at least for now Disney Infinity fans have one last chance to grab a few bargains before the game bids its final farewell.


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