Free video games! Yes honestly, we’re giving them away!

Okay, the headline has obviously got your attention and you’ve got this far. Well, as you’re on this website there’s a pretty good chance you’re interested in gaming. And if the offer came along, who wouldn’t want free video games? Read on and find out how…

Free Video Games? Seriously?

In a nutshell, yes. It’s not without a small catch but we’re going to be in a position to offer up games for most modern platforms. Whether you’ve got a PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XBox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch or run games on your PC through Steam, we’ll have games available. From small budget indie games, to blockbuster releases, and every genre you can think of. Platform games, racers, RPGs, JRPGs, first person shooters, puzzle games, retro game remakes… Pretty much something for everyone!

Basically, for those of you who don’t know, Infinite Frontiers has been around since 1989. In that time we’ve we’ve been running a wide range of projects from events to clubs, fanzines to producing software but for well over a decade we’ve been running several websites with extensive gaming coverage. As such we’ve not only been reviewing games across a range of formats, but we are regularly sent or offered review copies of games from a vast range of publishers and developers.

A Huge Problem

Despite being around for so long, we have a serious problem. Running as many projects as we do (three websites, two digitial fanzines and a YouTube channel) all in our spare time as a hobby alongside our day jobs and personal lives it’s made it very difficult for us to keep up with all the game reviews we have wanted to cover. So we’ve had to turn down a lot of the games we’ve been offered over the years.

And this is where the free video games come in. We want to step up our game in terms of review coverage and get back to the point we used to be at several years ago covering a lot more games, ideally several a week across a range of formats. There’s no shortage of games out there that we can get access to, but we simply don’t have the time to be able to do them so we need help!

Be A Games Reviewer!

So basically we’re looking for people to get involved in the Infinite Frontiers website as game reviewers. We’ve got a great creative team who work on all our projects in their spare time, but as I’ve said already we’re stretched beyond our capacity. So what we’d like to do is bring in some of YOU who are reading this right now to be involved as games reviewers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a paid position – we’re all just geeks running a group of fan sites at the end of the day. But we will be able to supply everyone who gets involved with free video games. We will work with anyone who comes on board to identify their preferred platforms and genres and try to match them up as best as we can.

What Do You Need To Get Involved?

The main thing is a passion for gaming. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest gamer. It doesn’t matter whether you have completed every single game you own or not, or whether you are the sort of person who won’t give up on a game until you’ve completed it 100% or not. Of more importance to us is that you understand that fun gameplay is the most important part of any game and far more than graphics, sound, trophies/achievements or anything else.

We’re looking for people who own a range of platforms, and the more diverse the better. It’s not likely that we’ll be offered retro games so owning any retro systems isn’t essential although experience with retro gaming platforms would be an advantage. But owning more than one of the systems we cater for would be an advantage.

What We Need From You

Truthfully, we’re not looking from a great deal from people who want to get involved. If we bring you on board, we’ll supply you with a game to review that matches with what you’ve told us, you review it, then we supply another game. 99% of the games we receive are digital codes so that’s what we’d supply and we’re fortunate enough to be able to get codes for most regions around the globe so it doesn’t matter where you live!

What you will need though is a fairly good grasp of written English. All of our sites are created using WordPress and ideally some familiarity with this would help so you could write reviews straight onto the site. That’s not essential as we can train you in the basics you’d need.

Of greater importance though, we are not looking for people who obsess over completing games. This isn’t essential for these positions. We have never felt it to be essential to complete a game when writing a review. When you ask a friend for their opinion on a game, they don’t tell you to wait until they’ve completed it, so we feel the same should apply when it comes to reviews. We feel that this gives our reviews a more realistic “real world” approach to them.

How To Apply

It’s simple. Just drop us a message using our Contact Form. In the message box, tell us briefly a bit about yourself, what systems you own and briefly what game genres you are normally interested in. We’ll get back in touch and talk things through with you and see if you’re still interested.

At that point, we’ll ask you to write a sample review for us, at least 600 words in length. This can be any game on any format from your collection. This will give us an idea of your writing style, and if we need to give you any pointers to see if you’re going to be the sort of writer we’re looking for. After that, all being well, we’ll start sending you games to review not long after!

Good luck and we hope to start hearing from you all soon!

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