Badland Games donating 75% of their “Axiom Verge” share to help Tom Happ’s son

Thomas Happ, the developer of “Axiom Verge”, has made public some previously-private information regarding his contract with Badland Games regarding the distribution of the game.

Badland has committed to donating 75% of their share to a fund that helps cover costs for Tom Happ’s son’s treatment. Sadly, Alastair (Tom’s son) suffers from a rare disease and is in need of constant care and treatment.

He made the following statement on his blog:

Before I go, I’d just like to take a moment and give a special shout out to the publisher, BadLand Games. As you may have seen elsewhere on my blog and Twitter, I’ve tried to be pretty open about my son Alastair’s health situation. In short, he was born healthy, but the doctors failed to treat a routine case of jaundice during a critical period when he was just days old. The result was a life-long condition called Kernicterus that is characterized by severe neurological damage which robbed Alastair of much of his motor control and hearing. The reason I mention this is that after we decided to move forward with BadLand Games as the publisher, they offered to donate 75% of their share to a special fund dedicated to Alastair’s ongoing health care costs. They didn’t want to publicize it, since none of us wanted to be seen as trying to use my son’s suffering as a marketing tool for the game. I hope this doesn’t come off that way. I just wanted to thank them for their generosity in offering that up, since it was definitely something they didn’t have to do.

If you’d like to buy a copy of “Axiom Verge” and help Alastair, you can find the complete list of retailers in every region at this link (available for PS4, Vita, Switch, Wii U, etc):

Watch a trailer for the indie hit here:

Thanks to the guys over at Nintendo Life for the heads up.

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