Top 5 Things To Do When You Are Without The Internet

We all take the internet for granted. In this modern age we expect to be connected 24/7 and to have our service available to us at all times. We rely on it for everything. Whether it’s streaming movies, video games, or using the best UK online casinos we depend on it for entertainment. Managing our household shopping, our social lives to keeping in touch with friends and family as well. But what would we do if all of that was taken away from us and how would we cope without the internet?

Recently I was faced with the prospect of having no internet connection for several days. Apart from limited data on my smartphone, I knew that I’d have no online access. It left my family facing a dilemma of just what we could do to entertain ourselves during that time. Were we really that dependent on the internet? Well, there IS plenty you can do that doesn’t require a connected lifestyle. Here are my top recommendations to enjoy at home without the internet.

Retro Gaming

Despite their technical advances, the current generation of consoles and PC games have one disadvantage. The dependence of online connectivity. I decided to skip this generation for that very reason choosing to stick with retro gaming.

Games are always there when you want and need them. No need for lengthy updates and patches. Physical games that are quick to load or cartridges that just plug straight in. Just good old-fashioned fun, the way games were meant to be! And with plenty of retro plug and play systems on the market like the SNES Mini and TheC64 Mini you can experience the best older platforms have to offer without having to buy a full set-up.



No matter what you love, the chances are that you have bought at least one LEGO set. Whether it is Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or Harry Potter, the construction toy caters for all ages and fans of most franchises. The big problem is that we never have time to build the sets that we buy and they often remain sealed in the boxes. Why not crack a set open and finally see them in their fully constructed glory?


Most of us are used to watching films and television shows through on-demand services. The choice and quality is unrivalled and fits in with our busy lifestyles. That doesn’t mean that we don’t still own physical media though and many of us still have DVDs and blu rays to fall back on. This is the perfect time to catch up on those discs we haven’t had time to watch!

Top Trumps

First released in 1978, the statistics based card game has been collected, played and loved by fans all over the world. Its appeal lies in its simplicity. It can be picked up and played quickly by anyone of all ages. Sets are diverse enough to offer something for everyone with packs from every franchise and brand imaginable.

With no two games playing the same, a few packs on hand can lead to hours of entertainment. If you’re a serious collector like me you can be set for weeks on end! Although even I don’t think I could cope if I was without the internet for that long.

Comic Books

While I had a tough choice here, I decided on comics and graphic novels. Visual storytelling is an incredibly powerful and emotional medium. With the right creative talent at the helm it can be a wonderful way to spend time, lost in new and wonderful worlds. The type or comic is irrelevant, or who its original target audience is as long as you enjoy reading it. Just forget the misconceptions that “comics are for kids” and you’ll be fine!

Dan Dare

So There IS Life Without The Internet

This just scratches the surface of what is available. I’m sure you have your own favourites as well. Maybe it’s time that we all took a break every now and then from our online lives to do something else instead? We take the internet for granted all too often and perhaps we might appreciate it more when we spend some time without it…

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