Stop Holding Out for the Next Superhero Movie and Play One of These Great Online Games Instead

We’ve fallen in love with superheroes in recent years, and with a Justice League movie on the horizon as well as Spiderman: Homecoming and many more, this love affair will endure for some time yet.

There are plenty of different reasons why we adore superheroes, from their moral values to their snazzy costumes, there’s lots to like. For businesses too, there’s plenty to get excited about as a superhero that catches the publics’ imagination can become a franchise that delivers buckets of money through spin-off media, action figures and tonnes of endorsements. Yet with all the current superheroes available to us, the main event is the movie – but the next consideration after making a blockbusting movie is creating an epic game. There are loads of excellent and some woeful games available, but we wanted to focus on the great ones that are available now online right now.

“HULK” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by arugatse

The Incredible Hulk online slot

iGaming has become a massive industry and online casinos need to get their products and promotions right as it’s a hugely competitive sector. Therefore it’s no surprise that bgo slots have embraced our superhero obsession and partnered slot machine game dynamics with super hero action to produce some great gaming experiences. The Incredible Hulk slot is probably the pick of the bunch, although The Dark Knight slot at Slotozilla and the Wolverine slot at are also worth a mention. Dr Bruce Banner’s alter ego just works so well on the bgo site as you’re smashing your way through bonuses with great graphics, film footage, cracking sound effects and super destructive mini-games. In terms of game mechanics, it features 50 paylines which can, in fact, be adjusted to suit different playing styles – not all of them have to be active to play.

Marvel Heros 2016

Under the massive game genre of multiplayer online action role-playing games (MMORPGs), this is an action-packed game brought to you by David Brevik, the mastermind behind the Diablo series and featuring an expansive collection of your favourite Marvel universe characters. Battle as your chosen Marvel character as you join friends and create super hero groups to try and prevent Doctor Doom and his villainous friends from realising their diabolical plan of world destruction. It’s a mammoth game and, with the social feature of playing with friends and access to Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and a number of others, it’s a must for Marvel universe fans. To offer balance, we should mention DC Universe Online, which is similar and also free to play, but just like in the movies, Marvel has the edge here.

“I Am Iron Man…” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by TESFox

Zero Hero

We all like a good origin story and now you can create your own with this free to play offering from developer Playata. An action-intensive game where you get to travel through different worlds training yourself, completing missions and earning upgrades to become the ultimate crime fighter. With lots of customisation options available, you have control over the costume and appearance you want for your hero and the easy-going, hassle-free game play means you can progress through the game while watching TV, doing homework or patrolling the neighbourhood. The cheerful and lively cartoon graphics make it a pleasure to step into your superhero boots and there’s enough action and character progression to keep you interested.

We’re all looking forward to the upcoming superhero movies, but we don’t really have to wait passively for our superhero fix when there are some great online games demanding our attention right now.

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