Best Slots To Keep You Entertained Between Multiplayer Sessions

2020 has already been a really weird year, and there’s still two more months to go. Who knows what November and December will hold in terms of the ongoing pandemic, huge elections, potential further lockdowns, alien life in the water on the Moon, and a Christmas season that will be like no other? One thing is for certain, however, a whole bunch of us are stuck at home working remotely trying to pass the time during our workdays until we can log out of our emails, remote access desktops, close down Slack and get back to our video games.

This year has been a terrific year for multiplayer experiences with friends. Perhaps because of the massive social isolation following the wake of the coronavirus, millions of us bunkered up at home have been staying in touch in digital space. Whether we’ve been exploring new worlds in No Man’s Sky, building villages and mining for precious minerals in Minecraft, or robbing banks and rustling cattle in Red Dead Redemption 2 – we’ve been doing it together. And it doesn’t look like our social scene will become any more reliably real in the near future.

The three example games listed above have actually seen some of the most vibrant and well-maintained experiences throughout this summer, but there is one huge problem with them – we’ve found that after spending hours on end riding through the Great Plains hunting buffalo, it’s been hard to return to normal work life for the boring hours in between.

That’s why this article offers some suggestions for the best slot games to keep you in the zone during work hours! You can play online slots with themes matching these top multiplayer experiences, and we list the finest one for each game below. You can even grab yourself slots bonuses to use whilst playing!

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Dead or Alive

Red Dead Redemption 2 has seen so much love from Rockstar over the summer. With a multitude of updates, including the terrific Naturalist update in July offering a whole new career in multiplayer, the game’s population across all platforms has remained steady and you will still find yourself surrounded by other players even when your friends can’t make it. They’ve even added a free patch with a massive Halloween-themed load of content, so if you haven’t had a chance to try this masterpiece yet – now is definitely the time.

As for slots themed accordingly, Dead or Alive from NetEnt does the trick perfectly. It’s a relatively straightforward slot that can be comfortably played using its autoplay feature, and which is set following the career of Jesse James. The graphics, sounds and iconography will all keep you in the mindset of the wild west as you wait for the work day to end so you can clock out and get right back to your posse online!

No Man’s Sky and Starburst

No Man’s Sky suffered a rocky launch back in 2016 but developers Hello Games have ever since been carefully working and crafting at the multiplayer experience bringing it closer to what they, and indeed its loyal player base, had originally imagined. Today it’s jam-packed full of high-quality content and is one of the most brilliant multiplayer experiences available to gamers. What could be more fun than exploring the universe together with your friends?! What’s more, a huge update is about to land timed roughly to coincide with the release of the next-generation consoles. So, getting back into the game even if it’s been on your backburner for a while is well worth it!

Starburst is a gorgeous space-themed slot also from NetEnt that will keep you captivated and preserve your dreamlike wonder for the stars and planets awaiting your discovery when you return online to game with your friends. It’s also a low-complexity slot game meaning you’ll be able to have it in the background and just listen to its gorgeous astronomical audio with the occasional spin to help you get through the day!

Minecraft and Bonanza

Minecraft is essentially synonymous with multiplayer and many of us gamers have rediscovered it during our lengthy time in lockdown around the globe this year. Since being acquired by Microsoft it’s continued to see regular and beefy updates, and this year is no different. At its convention Minecraft Live, the digital version of Minecon due to the pandemic, this year, a huge new update was announced promising a whole host of new features. As always, these content boosts massively increase the longevity of games, and so players getting back into Minecraft should feel safe that they will be catered to for even longer into the future!

If you’re stuck between sessions at work looking for a slot that works with the Minecraft theme, then look no further than Bonanza from Big Time Gaming. It’s all about mining for precious jewels and minerals – and indeed for you the player looking for some big winnings. There are a few fun features like spelling out GOLD for big bonuses but mostly it works as regular slots. Note that this is of the iconic Megaways design though, so there are very many ways to win. It’s a great choice for a background slot at work while you’re dreaming of diamonds and planning out the next expansion to your mining network as soon as you get back to your social and digital world!

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