Ray Tracing And The Anticipated PS5

A new PlayStation console is fast approaching and whether you want to call it the PS5 or not, the only thing you are assured of is that it comes with a lot of new features that are out of this world. This new PlayStation console is set to be a major upgrade from the PS4. It comes with a number of attractive features like the bespoke 8-core AMD chipset that is based on the 3rd generation Ryzen architecture and takes its best bit from the Radeon Navi family. It also comes with an SSD storage system, 3D audio, 8K TV support, and backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility means that all your PS4 games won’t go to waste – you can use them with the PS5 console. One other thing we can’t overlook is the ray tracing capability of the GPU. Ray tracing is a technique that models the travel of light to enable the simulation of complex interactions in 3D environments. It is the staple of the visual effects of Hollywood and it is now becoming a part of high-end processors. A lot of games do not have this feature, and the PS5 is charging to make the difference.

Ray tracing in video game consoles has been one of the near-impossible feats. It allows for dramatically more lifelike shadows and reflections that have a better translucence and scattering. This makes the game produce images the same way the human eye does with real light, shadows, and reflections, just like virtual reality. This is why most games need enough computational power, just like the PS5 has, to be able to produce this incredibly realistic CGIs that are partially indistinguishable from real life images. Even a well-equipped gaming PC needs much more GPU power to produce such images, not to talk of a gaming PC. Most video games use rasterization to render computer graphics to convert 3D graphics into 2D pixels to display images on the screen. The results of rasterization aren’t as natural or as realistic as that of ray tracing and its benefits won’t be as impressive either. This is what the PS5 has come to curb.

An excellent story line, great characters, exquisite gameplay and sound design makes a great game, but realistic CGI will make great games look amazing. It will add a new layer of fun to a gamers experience. The jaw dropping visuals ray tracing will deliver will have all the sectors of the iGaming industry scrambling to have a piece of the pie. It would revolutionize the gaming industry in all ramifications. Intricate details that seemed insignificant will take on a whole new meaning. Online Multiplayer games, action and adventure games will have hyper realistic characters and backgrounds. Just imagine what a FIFA game would look like with lifelike football characters. Every facet of the gaming industry will evolve their products to fit this new trend, even casinos might try to cash in on this new technology, they might move towards a virtual reality space where players get a real life experience of casinos by creating virtual tours and lounges or create realistic slot machines. A realistic roulette game does not sound so bad.

Currently, there are a number of games that work with the ray tracing technology. They include the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, Metro Exodus and the Forge Arena. There are also a number of old games that would work wonderfully well with the ray tracing capability of the PS5. Games like Cyberpunk77, Death Stranding, and a lot more games under the PS4 catalogue with promises of a successor upon the release of the PS5.

When would the PS5 be released? It seems that Sony has a trend of releasing their consoles at a six-year interval. This makes it easy to assume that the PS5 would be released in 2019. However, it seems Sony would take their time to ensure that their product blends into the homes of their customers, rather than being an exception. The new 8K display features seem a bit too much for the average TV, and even the 4K capabilities require a bit of time to fit into most homes. This, in turn, means that the PS5 won’t be released any time soon. It is very likely that the game console would be released in 2020. Although, there has been speculation that the game console would become available to the public in 2021. This is just a speculation, and we believe that Sony would do what is best for their business and their users.

To sum it all up, the PS5 is going to be the flagship product of Sony. It comes with a lot of features like never before, and there is a lot of consideration being put into its development to ensure that it fits into the average home. One of its most remarkable features is its GPU’s ray tracing capability. This ability is going to flip the entire gaming industry upside down, as it is paving the way into a new generation and into the future of gaming.

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