Some of the Best Retro Computing Channels in 2023

We’re all fans of retro computers here at Infinite Frontiers, and one of my favorite ways to wind down is to watch YouTube videos focused on these time capsules. So, for today’s piece, I wanted to tell you about some of my favorite YouTube channels that focus on retro computing.

Action Retro

I’m a big fan of vintage computers and gaming, so I was excited to discover the Action Retro YouTube channel. I’ve enjoyed watching Action Retro’s videos on repairing and restoring old computers, as well as his game play videos. I find his videos to be informative and entertaining, and I appreciate his enthusiasm for his hobby. He focuses on Mac stuff but there’s the occasional IBM compatible and Commodore content, too.

I highly recommend checking out the Action Retro YouTube channel if you’re interested in vintage computers and gaming. Action Retro’s videos are informative, entertaining, and full of enthusiasm. This one is a relatively new discovery for me (I’ve been watching for about 6 months) but I really love what he’s doing with the channel.

RMC – The Cave

Next, we have household name RMC The Cave. The channel’s owner, Neil, is a passionate and knowledgeable retro computer enthusiast, despite what he says out of modesty.

One of my favorite series on the channel is the Trash to Treasure series. In these videos, Neil takes old, broken, or neglected retro computers and gives them a new lease on life. He repairs them, cleans them up, and then installs new software and games.

I find the Trash to Treasure series to be incredibly enjoyable to watch. It’s fascinating to see how Neil brings these old machines back to life, and it’s always fun to see what classic games he installs on them.

I grew up playing on many of the same computers that Neil repairs in his videos, so it’s always fun to see them brought back to life.

If you’re a fan of retro computers or just enjoy watching interesting restoration projects, I highly recommend checking out the Trash to Treasure series on the RMC The Cave YouTube channel.


If you like retro gaming, then you’re probably familiar with Clint from LazyGameReviews. He’s a bit of a legend. One of my favorite series on the channel is the LGR Thrifts series. In these videos, Clint goes to thrift stores and garage sales to find old video games and hardware. He then takes these items home and tests them out, often finding some hidden gems along the way.

I find the LGR Thrifts series to be incredibly enjoyable to watch. It’s fascinating to see what kind of retro gaming treasures Clint can find, and it’s always fun to see him play these games and share his thoughts on them.

It was also a very good way of “living outside” during the pandemic, and it still helps when I don’t feel like going out myself.


I’ve been a fan of Phil’s Computer Lab for a few years now, and I always enjoy watching his videos. He focuses mostly on semi-retro stuff (late 1990s to late 2000s). It’s exactly the timeframe where I was introduced to PC gaming, so there’s a lot of nostalgia there.

One of the things I enjoy most about Phil’s videos is his ability to explain complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He has a gift for breaking down complex topics into smaller, more manageable pieces, and he always does a great job of explaining the “why” behind the “how.”

I also appreciate Phil’s sense of humor. He has a great way of injecting humor into his videos, even when he’s talking about serious topics. This makes his videos more enjoyable to watch, and it also helps to keep things from getting too dry or technical.


As a handheld gaming nerd, I adore watching TheRetroFuture’s Game Boy Restoration videos. I find his these videos to be incredibly enjoyable to watch. It’s fascinating to see how he disassembles the Game Boys, cleans them up, and repairs them. I also appreciate the way he explains the restoration process in detail, so that I can learn how to do it myself.

In addition to being informative and entertaining, TheRetroFuture’s Game Boy Restoration videos also give me a sense of satisfaction. I enjoy seeing how he takes old, broken Game Boys and restores them to working condition. It’s like watching a miracle unfold.

What are your Favorites?

Let me know what your thoughts are, please! I’m always looking for new channels to get addicted to. I hope you discover some new stuff in this article!

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