Geekology: Star Trek The Official Starships Collection 70 & 71

The Geekology team take a look at Eaglemoss’ versions of the Voth City Ship from Star Trek: Voyager and the Klingon Transport from Star Trek: Enterprise. as released by Eaglemoss in the magazine/partwork range, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. There is also some discussion of the new CBS “TV” show that will be first run (apart from the Pilot which will air mormally as a promotional tool) in the USA on CBS’ All Access subscription streaming service.

The full video will direct auto-play if you read more…

You will also usually find higher resolution photos on their website to go with their video releases.

Geekology is a sci-fi, fantasy and general geek webshow where two friends basically chat about stuff and review things. Other episodes include reviews of Transformers releases and more general science fiction and fantasy content. A seperate webshow on their channel, 4M@ covers video gaming too!

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