The Gaming of Tomorrow: 2017 Trends in Gaming

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2016 saw the birth of actual, consumer-level virtual and augmented reality, innovations in wearable technology such as SkinTrack software, and games like No Man’s Sky which are built on algorithms that create infinite possibilities. This is advanced stuff, but 2017 is set to take these ideas and improve on them tenfold. Here are a few gaming trends to watch out for this year.

More Crossing of Genres

As technology advances, so too does the possibility of combining different gaming aspects into the same title. Grand Theft Auto 4 was one of the main pioneers of this idea in modern times, as players could have their character completely immersed side games that included darts and arcades. Ever-evolving online slot games have taken this concept and turned it the other way, as what used to be purely a fun game of chance has seen many slots now involving skill and puzzle-based stages and minigames. If you click here to check out the variety of slots games available at Vegas Casino, you’ll notice that some of them will surprise with their tendency to mix genres. For instance, there’s Satoshi’s Secret, where the mini-game gives players the opportunity to become a Bitcoin broker and trade the currency to win more money.

More Blending of Single and Multiplayer Experiences

As the PlayStation Plus Network and Xbox Live seek to attract more members, expect newer console games to have a heavier focus on combining online features with the main storyline. Grand Theft Auto V Online is still highly popular, and with frequent updates keep on making a lot of money. At the end of 2015 there were still around 8 million players logging on each week. The open world epic was effectively two games in one. Players could play the main storyline first and then roam the sprawling region of Los Santos as their own character.

Recent successes such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have made downloadable content available, but the gameplay doesn’t involve much of an online element. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain incorporated an online aspect during the main story mode, where players had to build up their Forward Operating Base to complete online missions. But even this didn’t require too much from the actual player. Games are still seeking that perfect synergy of introducing online facets to single player story modes, but they are getting closer to striking the right balance. This could be the year that the perfect harmony of single and multiplayer comes to the gaming world, and it may happen in Rockstar’s upcoming eagerly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2.

More Augmented Reality

While VR has yet to gain mass backing, AR had a good start in 2016 thanks to the hugely popular Pokémon Go. The simple idea allowed people to explore the real world and see imaginary creatures by looking at their phone screens. At its peak in July 2016, the game attracted just under 21 million active users. Now other games are scrambling to take advantage of this unique idea. With AR glasses such as Moverio BT-200 set to hit the mainstream, these games could be enhanced even further.

2016 was certainly an exciting year for progressions in gaming, but things like VR didn’t quite take off as many had imagined. 2017 is sure to bring about new changes that push the gaming world further into the fantastic future.

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