Corporate Security: Latest software that can make your life easy

Today most of our day-to-day stuff and almost our whole lives are online. The internet has become such an inherent part of our life that we cannot even imagine a single day without it. Whether it is work or personal life we are totally dependent on technology. This has forced corporations to embrace the latest technology; today a business without an online address is just unheard of. Right from big corporations to small businesses use new technologies, especially the internet to their advantage.

The impact of the internet on security

There is no denying the fact that technology has made our life easy. Especially when it comes to businesses, almost all their data is online, on the cloud or stored in a way that it can be accessed across the globe through servers. Though this has made life easy and helped businesses improve their pace and performance it has also made them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We frequently hear of the big corporation becoming the targets of online hackers resulting in the loss of sensitive data. When it comes to physical security we have but what do we do when we are threatened online?

There is a solution!

Just like CCTV installation can make a home, office, business or a neighbourhood a lot more secure, there are various software solutions that can help corporations and businesses keep a tight leash on their data and improve their security online. There are a lot of independent providers as well as large well-known companies that help people secure their data. Here we are discussing two of the latest software solutions that are specifically targeted to help corporations keep their sensitive data safe.

1. Drainware

Every company that wants to be taken seriously as its own R&D department where new ideas are tried and new products take shape. And in this competitive world that totally runs on new and innovative ideas, the problem of corporate espionage can be quite serious. And now with data no more locked away in safes and being freely shared online (which is a prime requirement for collaboration between different people from different departments) leakage of information is easy and detrimental to the company. Drainware is invisible software that keeps track of devices and information being transferred to detect and report leaks immediately.

2. Bluebox

In this age, where it is important to have a mobile app to succeed, the probability of being hacked is huge. Hackers are finding newer and more innovative ways to infiltrate and just restricting employee access online isn’t enough. Bluebox is the new software that not only helps corporations keep their apps safe but also ensures that customers aren’t affected because of covert infiltration. The way it works is rather than trying to keep a broad check on the apps and the network of users; each individual app is secured from attacks thus ensuring tight security right from the grass root levels!

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