The Reasons that Propelled Online Gaming on Smartphones

In recent years, technology has changed the ways we live, learn and seek entertainment. This is even truer when it comes to mobile technology. Most people don’t think about it very much because they’ve grown accustomed to it, but just look at how it impacts you on a daily basis. With the help of smartphones, you can send messages to your co-workers or even attend an online meeting anywhere, anytime.

The one sector that is being largely disrupted by mobile technology is the gaming industry. The last decade has essentially characterized the rise of online gaming, especially online mobile gaming. Here are the reasons that propelled online gaming on smartphones.

Faster connection speeds

If you’re like the most cell phone users of the ‘90s, you can probably remember when it was hard getting network coverage in some areas let alone even trying to get a Wi-Fi connection. Well, this has become a thing of the past. With the improvement in graphics, faster connections were required to process the data being sent back and forth between devices. This prompted the telecom industry to create more fast and reliable connections so that smartphones could easily process the information required. Not only did this pave the way for connections like 5G, but it also improved the latency, and allowed more and more people to connect to the network without it crashing.

Playing for real money

Playing a game on a smartphone involves no rocket science and this is something that most kids know by the time they are in grade school. Well, it’s not just traditional games that are available today. With the introduction of E-wallets and the pay with phone technology, you can easily place cash wagers on sports bets. Also, you can take advantage of the traditional casino games like blackjack, baccarat, poker or slots if you want to as well.

Thus, the advent of real-money mobile games has changed the way people look at online gaming.

Holistic approach

The cell phones of the 1990s were used only for SOS measures, because of the mediocre interface and limited applications. But with the passage time, the interface became more exhaustive and manufacturers understood the importance of enhanced applications along with user-friendly experience. Hence, with the introduction of multimedia games, the interactive games and story-block games were presented in the smart feature phones of today. Although simplistic, the games turned out to be very popular with the time.

Decreases in prices

Mobile devices became a new communication mechanism that saved producers’ significant amounts of money. Unlike the old days, where packing games on a CD was a cumbersome affair, modern games could be easily downloaded over cellular or Wi-Fi networks. The ease of distribution led to the increased popularity of expensive and simple-to-play games.

The reduced manufacturing cost was also the reason for the increased demand for mobile gaming. Today’s mobile games are poised with detailed cinematic graphics that usually draw a large number of players. Also, innovative mechanics requires fewer codes overall, speeding up production times. Hence, this is the reason for the easier entry in the mobile sphere, allowing the market to grow exponentially.

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