A Return to Genre Acting for Michael C. Williams, star of The Blair Witch Project

A Kickstarter was recently brought to my attention, for a short thriller called Grafton. It’sa psychological thriller about a woman who gets lost on the interstate and stumbles upon a small town where she reluctantly assumes the identity of someone else. It stars Michael C Williams and Katherine Partington.

The story revolves around the folklore of the Bennington Triangle which is in an area in Southwest Vermont, centered around Glastenbury Mountain. It is an place reported to be plagued by strange goings on and disappearances over the years saying back to the 1940s and earlier. It’s written and directed by Bryan Gilbert Santoago, a native to my neck of the woods, Connecticut. One of the noteworthy aspects of this short is that after taking a break from acting for a period Michael C Williams is getting back into the swing of things and this is his big return to the watera of genre cinema. Now this isn’t a horror flick but it does share similarities to The Blair Witch Project like the various disappearances around the area but this is so much more.

As of right now the Kickstarter is fully funded and has a few days to go but I think we could give them a little bump and help them reach some stretch goals! Some of the Kickstarter rewards include DVDs, Blu-rays, personalized video thank yous and the of course updates along the timeline of production.

Here’s the link for the Kickstarter, help support some independent cinema, and take it to the next level!


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