The Rise of Retro Gaming

We are living in a golden age of gaming, with numerous platforms and titles available to gamers. From the rise of mobile gaming to the omnipresent console market, gamers have an incredible choice when it comes to enjoying their favourite pastime. This is being further embellished by the emergence of online gambling, which allows players to play their favourite casino games anywhere, anytime. The advent of high-speed internet has made it possible for gamers to play Blackjack games at Cosmic Spins from the comfort of their home.

The gaming market has continued to rise year-on-year and was worth nearly $152 billion in 2019. Although, its not only the new titles and gaming consoles that gamers are interested in. In spite of the huge developments in gaming technology, passionate gamers are looking back in time to find their fix. This desire for retro games has been fuelled by the recent release of retro mini-gaming consoles by Nintendo and Sony.

The feeling of Nostalgia

In a world driven by technology, people tend to find themselves looking back at the past. As homo sapiens, we have the desire to look back on earlier carefree times. Nowadays, early gamers of the ‘80s and ‘90s want to look back on what they loved as kids. Not only are the adults driving the boom, but millennials are also enjoying this kind of gaming.

Alongside recreating childhood gaming sessions, a major factor that has contributed to the rise of retro gaming is the simplicity offered by earlier gaming consoles. With basic control pads and simple systems, anyone can easily play retro games. There’s something about the basic graphics and the uncomplicated game structure that cast a spell over gamers and help them escape to a world that is far different from reality.

The thrill and enjoyment that comes with playing retro games are maintained in such a way that they can be easily shareable with other gamers. The other element that gamers find equally enjoyable and challenging is just how hard many of the titles are to complete. Instead of giving gamers unlimited chances to refuel and take on weapons, retro games usually had a fixed number of lives and when they were gone it was the end of the gameplay.

Gaming for all

Whatever your motive is for playing an old retro game, the thing is that you’re not alone. There is an extensive community all around the world who enjoy sharing their love for vintage games.

If you want to test a vintage game before buying your own nostalgic model, you can do so by visiting a gaming arcade. In recent years, the gaming world has seen an increase in arcades or cafes featuring vintage devices. Although they are not commonly seen in the US or Asia, the UK is slowly getting into action.

The opening of the new gaming arcades and cafes indicate that the retro gaming market is only getting bigger and more significant with each passing year.

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