Infinite Frontiers YouTube Channel In 2020

We relaunched the dormant Infinite Frontiers YouTube channel in February 2019. While we launched it back in September 2016 we never really had the time or team members to do what we originally wanted with it. As such it ended up becoming more of a placeholder than anything else. However, now we’ve had the time to develop the channel we’ve become really proud of it, bringing you plenty of varied content on a regular basis and growing our subscribers steadily. While we’re proud of what we have achieved so far, we’re not going to sit back and relax. We want to develop things further for the future and we wanted to let you all in on our plans and how you can all be a part of it…

What’s On The Channel

We’d live to think that our channel is quite diverse and reflects everything that we do here at Infinite Frontiers. We upload a variety of content with something new arriving every few days. We don’t release content on any set schedule as we don’t want to place our team under any direct pressure. What we can say is that the videos you’ll find will be varied and you won’t know from one day to the next what type of content we’ll post! But here’s a partial list of what’s online right now:-

  • Auto Assembly Archives – footage from our Transformers convention, spanning 2000-2015 including interviews, guest panels and more.
  • Video Game Reviews – modern and retro, covering a vast range of platforms
  • Video Game Trailers – from the big AAA releases to smaller indie titles, we’ll have a selection with new trailers added every week
  • Vlogs – random musings from our team
  • Toy Reviews – toys and collectibles
  • Unboxings – mystery geek and gaming bundles
  • Podcasts – episodes of shows from our archives

To give you a visual taster of what you can see, here’s our current trailer…

Our future plans to expand the content include adding even more video content including:

  • Interviews – celebrities and guests from the video games industry and further afield
  • Podcasts – brand new episodes of our existing show and a new show added to the line-up
  • Movie Reviews – an ongoing series looking at the latest releases
  • Ask Me Anything – a regular series of videos where we give you the chance to put your questions to us about anything geek related
  • Special Features – one off videos and short series covering a range of geek topics

So plenty to look forward to!

Completely Free

At all times, the content we offer on the channel will be free to view. We will never charge for individual videos or hide content behind a “premium” tier. Nor will we offer “early access” to content by way of a subscription service such as Patreon. Just by watching our videos you are supporting us so we believe firmly that everyone deserves access without having to pay a single penny. We will release selected videos to members of our Facebook discussion group which can be found at giving members early access of up to a week before putting them on general release but these will still be free to everyone.

Monetisation, Sponsorship and Product Placement

The Infinite Frontiers YouTube channel isn’t large enough to qualify for YouTube’s monetisation program right now. But that’s something that doesn’t interest us. We’re not running the channel to make money. As content creators we don’t decide what to produce based on its earning potential. We just want to make and release videos that we hope you enjoy watching and that we have fun making.

We have had some sponsorship for selected videos but this has been to assist with the production of them rather than to promote products. To date this has primarily been game reviews where we have used capture hardware supplied but this is clearly stated in each. We will do the same for other videos that we have in the pipeline where support is provided.

In other cases, there will be instances where we may be offered products for review. We will make it clear where this has happened in the video and the description. Rest assured that it will not impact on our views of the product in question and we will act in an impartial manner. Regular viewers of our videos will have seen this when we have praised products we haven’t received complimentary copies of, and in contrast have been less than favourable towards ones we have had review codes for. Publishers know that we give honest reviews and have always respected us for that.

Long Term Growth

We’ve seen a steady growth of the channel this year, taking us from around 20 to about 160 subscribers (at the time of writing this). We’re incredibly happy with this but we know we can do better. Our initial goal is to grow to reach 500 subscribers by the end of 2020. While this may seem like a huge leap, it’s less than one new subscriber a day. Combined with our other plans, we don’t think it’s a particularly extravagant growth target. But this does have big implications for the channel as a whole if we can achieve it.

It’s not just about the subscribers though. We want to deliver more content to all of you. Over the next 12 months we want to bring you at least 100 new videos on the channel. That means a minimum of 8 new videos every month. With the content that we want to create and our current schedule that we are working to, not only will this be possible but we hope this will be exceeded by a considerable margin.

How You Can Get Involved

We want to make our channel as interactive as possible. While we may be creating the content, you all have an important part to play in helping us with what we create.

We run regular polls on all our Twitter accounts giving you the chance to influence what videos we create and upload so you can choose what to see next. We also run similar polls on our Facebook group, putting control back in your hands. If you see any polls, we pay attention to every comment and vote made!

Finally, we will be producing regular “Ask Me Anything” videos. We’ll get our team on camera and you can put your questions to us about anything geek related! Just drop us a message at the email address below and we’ll put them in our upcoming videos.

Help Support The Infinite Frontiers YouTube Channel

We can only do so much when it comes to our YouTube channel. While we produce content regularly, that doesn’t matter if we don’t have an audience or support so this is where we’re asking for your help. If you haven’t done so already, please spare a moment to pop over to the channel at and subscribe to us. Even better, once you have done that, click the bell to be notified when we upload new videos. While we know people are watching and enjoying our videos, many do so without subscribing, but every single subscriber helps us. While we don’t earn money from subscribers, it does increase our standing with games publishers and gives us a better chance of receiving new games for review. This means that we can bring even more content to the channel for all of you.

In addition to subscribing, if there are any videos you have enjoyed, please remember to give us a thumbs up. Leave us a comment if you have any thoughts or even better, share the videos to your friends on social media. We monitor the feedback, comments and views of all our videos daily and this helps us plan what content to create and upload next. If you want to see more retro gaming reviews, for example, then the more interaction and views we get on existing coverage will show us that.

Why Do We Want To Expand?

We get review products from a variety of sources. Just from video games alone, these are from four key outlets. Direct from publishers, PR agencies and two press distribution outlets. The latter two are the most important. We have access to a potentially huge library of games that we can review and bring to all our viewers.

However, accessing these is often based on the performance of our channel. In some cases we are assessed on our subscriber count, others it’s our average video views. In rare cases it’s both.

More importantly though, growth not just allows us to get more products to review but increases our presence online and hopefully more people will see and learn about what we do and want to be involved.

Sponsor Us

We are always open to sponsorship for the channel as well. Whether you are a publisher of games or any other product that you would like to see featured, a distributor of hardware that you think would help us with the channel and want a longer term partnership or just want to help with cash sponsorship please let us know as we can find out ways to create deals that can work well for everyone concerned.

Be A Part Of The Channel

As the channel grows, just like the websites, we will be looking at bringing more people in to be a part of what we do. Whether it’s game reviews, vlogs, taking part in podcasts or special projects, we’re going to be looking to expand.

If you have some ideas for videos or want to be a part of what we do, drop us an email at as we’d love to hear from you. Who knows, you could become our next game reviewer!

The Future

We’re already working on some new improvements to the channel that we’ll be unveiling over the course of 2020. We’ve recently upgraded our internet connection to fibre broadband which is allowing up to post videos in a fraction of the time we used to, meaning we can concentrate more on creating them instead.

We’re also excited about some new ongoing series that we’re planning and expansions to our game review coverage too, not to mention some new additions to our creative team coming very soon.

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