Geekology: Star Trek ships from Eaglemoss!

The Geekology team continue their reviews of the releases from Eaglemoss’ Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection publication.

The series, sold as a “part-work” in the UK, includes a die cast & plastic model of a particular starship with each issue. After a test run of 5 issues in the UK in 2012 the series launched properly into multiple markets. The UK fan base gets all the releases first. The Voth and Anatres are reviewed in this video, which are isues 61 and 62 of the series which recently was extended to 110 issues.

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The Voth starship is from Star Trek: Voyager, whilst the Antares is a cargo vessel that was first mentioned in the original Star Trek episode “Charlie X” but never seen… at least until the remastered series was done in HD (and released on Blu-ray) and an effect shot that couldn’t be afforded in 1966 was added, based on the robot cargo ships from Star Trek: The Animated Series!

The episodes reviewing the ships are usually under 20 minutes and, like this one, if it goes more towards 30 minutes, there’s a good reason! Also if you want high-res photos of the ships being reviewed check out the team’s website, linked below the video! Oh and… keep watching after the end credits… there’s often bloopers 😉

Geekology is a sci-fi, fantasy and general geek webshow where two friends basically chat about stuff and review things. Other episodes include reviews of Transformers releases and more general science fiction and fantasy content. A seperate webshow on their channel, 4M@ covers video gaming too!

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