Game Review: Gal*Gun 2 (Switch)

Just like Gal*Gun 2 itself doesn’t beat around the bush (he) about what it is, I won’t, either: this game is loud, lewd, maybe somewhat questionable, and really rather fun. The fact that the game released on the Switch is, in and of itself, cause for celebration: it means that Nintendo is relaxing its notoriously strong grip on the type of games released on their systems. But is this enough to recommend Gal*Gun 2? Let’s find out.

The story, sadly, does not change much from the original game: you’re a human who’s been tasked with getting rid of demons. “Sadly”, this also means that you’re irresistible to girls. What a shame. In an on-rails-shooter manner, you must traverse different parts of the school and other areas in order to get rid of the demons. While the demons are aided by a Demon Academy student, you’re aided by an Angel from a company called AR. You use Augmented Reality goggles in order to see these demons (and the angel helping you), and use a “gun” to shoot “pheromone shots” to make girls… well, to make them have a good time.

Aim. Get rid of demons. Give girls euphoria. Repeat.

So yes, underneath the cutesy anime style, there’s some Night Trap level of questionable going on. But the game is clearly aimed at a mature audience, and I, for one, am happy that we now live in a world where people’s taste in games can be catered to like this. Did I like the game?

Well, I like lewd and loud games as long as they are good games at the core. I love the Senran Kagura and Neptunia series. I had a slight issue with the original Gal*Gun in that it was a bit repetitive, but the fact that it was also not a very long game balanced things out. It was a quick in-and-out experience, and the sequel, again, follows along the same lines. The gameplay does not evolve much, though it is now frantic from the very beginning, and much more challenging than in the original game.

Do I have an issue with the sexuality in the game? No, not at all. I’m 32 years old now, and to be quite honest, I think there’s room for adult entertainment on our home consoles, as long as there are safeguards in place preventing this content from being accessed by those who should not be accessing it. You know, just like any other industry.

Yeah. Pretty lewd.

Leaving the morality of the game aside (because really, it doesn’t matter… I do not believe we should censor art and self expression to begin with), the game is, as I mentioned, fun but somewhat limited in its appeal and gameplay. It does run well, though, which makes me happy, because it means that Unreal Engine is a good match for the Switch. There are a lot of interesting games, both already released and upcoming, that use UE for its underpinnings, and I hope they get ported to the Switch. Seems likely.

The voice acting, as is the norm with Japanese games, is top notch. Whether the high-pitched squeals annoy you or not, it’s up to you. But it’s extremely well executed. The music is also good, as are the sound effects. Presentation-wise, then, Gal*Gun 2 is up there.

Should you get it? Well, that depends. If what I described seems appealing to you, then yeah! For what it sets out to be (a very sexy on-rails shooter), it does it extremely well. If you are easily offended by sexualized content, or don’t enjoy the on-rails-shooter genre… then maybe this game isn’t for you. But somehow, I don’t think Gal*Gun 2 was aiming to be liked by everyone. Games like this have their core audience… and I am glad that this audience has access to suitable, quality entertainment.

If you want to get a copy of the game, follow the link below (it’ll be the same price for you, but we get a small percentage):

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