First Reveal of Parkasaurus’ Dino Park Creation System

My Dear Dino Lover, Welcome to Parkasaurus! Get a first look at upcoming zany dinosaur park management game, Parkasaurus, with the first video in series of in-depth looks into the park and its management gameplay. This first video from Washbear Studios (two industry vets that brought you Guacamelee! and Severed) reveals how you build a dinosaur’s habitat in order to keep these animals happy and not rampaging through the park.



Launching later this summer, Parkasaurus is a zany Dinosaur Park management game, that challenges the player not only to provide guests with a unique dinosaur zoo experience, but to care for their dino friends by crafting the perfect exhibits, gifting them the cutest hats, and travelling back in time to rescue them from their demise!

Since announcing last year we’ve integrated a ton of new features that we’re officially revealing today, including:

-Designable exhibits for your dinos with multiple layers of complexity

-Dino accessories like sunglasses, neckties, beanies and more! -Dino breeding and egg care

-Seasons and weather that provide new challenges throughout the year

-Night time where park lights affect your attendance

-1st person view


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Parkasaurus challenges the player to plan, design, and construct exhibits that maximize both their Dinos happiness and the park guests’ willingness to spend money! Starting with only a dream and an abandoned park the player will discover new technologies, new attractions, and a special bond with all their Dinos, all captured in stunningly beautiful modernised 3D flat design graphics. In Parkasaurus failure is a real possibility and money management is an absolute necessity.


The idea for Parkasaurus originated from one of the WashBear wives, who had made a binder of dinosaur management ideas (made out of actual colored construction paper!). From there, the Parkasaurus prototye was created. This prototype continued from a long history of prototypes from WashBear – except this one seemed good enough to share with the world. Made by only two developers in their spare time, they use Unity, duct tape and glue. Only recently have major updates in the Unity engine allowed this game to be possible. Parkasaurus is crafted with heart, stress, and puppies on our laps.


  • Exhibit Design: Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere – the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all make a difference
  • Park Creation and Management: Wisely spend resources to build the ultimate Dino Park and turn a profit to ensure future stability
  • Guest Monetization: By reading reviews and observing your guests, fine tune your parks flow and arrangement to maximize happiness
  • Employee Management: Level up rookie hires or bring on established veterans to help run your park smoothly
  • Time Travel for Dino Eggs: Go back in time to retrieve the hottest (and oldest) Dino Eggs
  • Chaotic Dino Escapes: Handle with care your Dino rampages by switching into first person view
  • Year Round Challenges: Manage unexpected weather disasters and the expected demands of each season
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