Dive deep into the history of “Mighty No. 9” in this documentary

It’s no surprise to find ourselves talking about games that were promised for the Playstation Vita and never got released. Alas, only recently, the metroidvania “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” got its Vita port cancelled. It would not be the first high-profile Kickstarter game to fail to deliver on the promise of a Vita port, though.

Over half a decade ago now, one of the key people behind the “Mega Man” franchise (though, it’s good to point out, not the creator of the IP), left CAPCOM to pursue his dream of making the best “Mega Man” game that wasn’t a “Mega Man” game. Keiji Inafune’s “Mighty No. 9” Kickstarter campaign was, at the time, the most successful of its kind. Years later and after going through development hell, however, the game came out to lukewarm reviews, and famously, got its Vita port cancelled.

Fellow staff member James Christensen, who has gaming YouTube channels that you should definitely check out, put out an amazing documentary entitled “Mighty No. 9: The Full Development Story” for his series entitled “The Art of Failure”, which chronicles high-profile missteps in the gaming industry. You can find the full documentary on his channel or through the video embed below. It’s 52 minutes of gaming history, put together extremely well, and even with an exclusive interview with Ben Judd, another former CAPCOM employee who went on to manage the PR for “Mighty No. 9” (and “Bloodstain”, actually).


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