Dahmer: A Review of Netflix’s Latest + Where Are They Now

For someone who killed, raped and ate people, Jeffrey Dahmer seems to still get quite a lot of “love” from the media. There have been multiple new TV shows, movies and documentaries about the man in the last few years. The latest is “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Netflix (which for reasons only known to the Almighty needed not one, not two, but three names). So, is the show any good? Let’s find out!

Another piece of media focused on this serial killer.

The Show

As seems to be the trend of late, this latest Netflix outing is an 8-part miniseries. I actually love this format because I find that some shows can overstay their welcome (X-Files), falter through some seasons (Handmaid’s Tale), or get canceled before we get a satisfying resolution (Mindhunter). 

Dahmer (which is what I’ll call this show from now on, for the sake of expediency) stars Evan Peters in the titular role. You may recognize him from American Horror Story or the X-Men films. His performance is an absolute highlight of the show, as I’ve never felt as sickened by or scared of any portrayal of Dahmer as much as I have this one. HIs tone, his mannerisms, and most of all his pauses, are terrifying. 

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The rest of the cast is just as good, with Niecy Nash playing Dahmer’s neighbor Glenda superbly, and Richard Jenkins totally breaking our hearts as Dahmer’s father. In fact, Jenkins’ Lionel Dahmer and Rodney Burford’s Tony Hughes (a victim of Dahmer’s who was deaf) are the emotional highlights for me on this show. Absolute tear-jerkers. 

The class and race struggle is also front and center here, with even Reverend Jesse Jackson making an appearance. You really understand that Dahmer knew he was targeting demographics that would go under-reported and under-policed. 

Negatives? Well, to be honest, Dahmer is portrayed as… too human? In what I assume to be an effort to not glorify the gore of his crimes and give more dignity to the victims, the show is too shy about the brutal nature of what Dahmer did. And while I agree with not showing gore for the sake of it, we’ve swung too far to the other side and lost some of the gravity of Dahmer’s heinous nature. 

Aside from that, I loved the show. The music is great, the photography is fantastic, and even casual on-screen appearances are memorable. Overall, if you’re into true crime, this is a can’t-miss show. Just make sure to supplement your viewing experience with other material that showcases the brutality of Dahmer and his crimes. 

Where Are They Now

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer, the monster himself, was eventually sentenced to 16 consecutive terms of life imprisonment. However, his misery was sadly cut short by Christopher Scarver, a fellow inmate who beat Dahmer (and another inmate) to death with a 20-inch metal bar while they were cleaning a toilet facility. He said “God told me to do it”. 

Lionel Dahmer

Jeffrey’s father Lionel spoke at length about his son after Jeffrey’s arrest, even going on Oprah’s show. He also wrote a memoir, called “A Father’s Story”, where he talks about his experiences with Jeffrey. Lionel believed that something had been done for Jeffrey to become who he was, rather than assume he was just evil. 

Glenda Cleveland

Jeffrey’s neighbor Glenda actually wasn’t his next-door neighbor. She did, however, live closeby, and would provide testimony about Dahmer. Jeffrey’s actual next-door neighbor was a woman named Pamela Bass, who was in fact quite fond of him. Glenda and her daughter were the people who alerted the police about 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, who Dahmer had drugged and would eventually kill after being led back into Jeffrey’s apartment by the police themselves. 

Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson has led a storied life. He’s 80 years old and was a Shadow Senator for the District of Columbia. He was part of many civil rights movement landmarks, including The Greenvile Eight. He was also a TV show host. 

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