Choose Your Own Adventure in this Brand New YouTube-Themed Interactive Narrative

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” genre has been seeing a bit of a resurgence as of late. From the release of Bandersnatch on Netflix to new reprintings of Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography to visual novels continuing to occupy a dedicated niche of the gaming market, it’s clear that this genre of storytelling is here to stay.

So I decided to tackle this genre myself. Thus, on April Fools day on my YouTube channel I released Choose Your Own YouTuber Adventure.

Of course, though, as I’m a University student who works part-time and does YouTube mainly as a side hustle, this was easier said than done.  I had a budget of roughly $50. Oh, and I had to get the whole thing done in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, even though April 1 was a great date to release this adventure, due to having comedic bits throughout it and being different in style than anything else on my channel, I also had to have it up and completely playable by then due to this adventure doubling as a final project for a course on interactive narrative I was taking at University. No pressure, right?

Thus, after weeks of contacting friends to get them involved, laying everything out multiple times to make sure it made sense, constantly washing the same shirt so I could keep continuity, and having a tripod break and scrambling to get a new one (that was $40 of the $50, by the way. The rest was spent on cab fare), and pulling an all-nighter the weekend before release just to get the editing and closed captioning done, I finally managed to release this yesterday. So at the request of other Infinite Frontier’s Staff, I now present to you this adventure in its entirety!



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