Amiga disk magazine The Final Frontier makes surprise return!

In 1991, the Amiga community saw a new disk magazine join the ranks of those already available on the growing public domain scene. The Final Frontier was unlike any seen at the time. While most were dedicated to gaming, or the public domain scene itself, The Final Frontier was the first disk magazine ever dedicated to Star Trek. Issue 1 was released in September 1991 and for the next 5 years it was loved by its readers and the Amiga press alike. Scoring highly in reviews in magazines like CU Amiga, Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper and being read all over the world, it was a huge hit. Each issue took a massive amount of time to create though and our ability to pack so much in proved to be our downfall with each issue taking longer and longer to produce. Issue 10, released in the Summer of 1996, turned out to be the last…

Or so we thought. After moving to South Wales in 2013 the magazine’s Editor Simon Plumbe was sorting through his Amiga disk collection that finally moved home with him after sitting at his parents house for over a decade. In boxes he discovered an unfinished, unreleased copy of Issue 11 of The Final Frontier. Now, 20 years after that last issue was produced, Infinite Frontiers is going back to its roots and releasing its first Amiga product in two decades and is going to complete this disk magazine ready to release it for a new audience.

It’s an exciting prospect for us to revisit one of our most (in)famous projects and we want you to join us for this journey as we create this new issue. We’ll be creating a developer diary so you can follow our progress from start to finish until we unleash Issue 11 upon the world! Until then…!

And yes, it will be released on disk to run on real Amigas!

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