Streaming Media Weekly Choice #2 – 20th October 2020

Alpha-1 Wrestling: Escape From The Basement (Impact Plus)

One of the things I love about Impact Plus is that it doesn’t just cover content from Impact Wrestling’s 18 year history. As well as their own content, the service offers a wide range of shows from other promotions. Ranging from one-off events to ongoing weekly shows, there’s an incredible amount of indie wrestling from around the world showcasing some of the best talent out there.

One such promotion is Alpha-1 Wrestling, owned by Impact star Ethan Page. Recently they put on this show that was held in front of a small live audience and streamed live on Twitch free to an audience of over 15,000 fans worldwide. Packed with great matches from start to finish it embodies everything that is great about indie wrestling today. The version on Impact Plus is a more refined edit from the love stream with tighter camera edits but it’s still a great show not to be missed.

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3 (Netflix)

After what has felt like an eternity, the first episode of the third season of Star Trek Discovery premiered on Netflix this weekend. Picking up where season two left off, the Discovery crew find themselves cut off from everything and everyone they know and they adjust to life stranded 900 years in the future.

The first episode, “That Hope Is You, Part 1” focuses on Michael Burnham. Stranded alone and believing that the rest of the Discovery crew are still in the past, she has to come to terms with the revelation that the Federation is no more.

Discovery may have its haters, but Star Trek has had to deal with this for over 30 years. Each time a new show has come along, there have always been fans against it. And new fans have come along who haven’t liked older shows. We should be mature enough to accept that not everyone will enjoy everything produced under the Star Trek banner, especially as we’ve had so much over the last 57 years. As for me? I absolutely loved this episode and thought it was a fantastic start to the new season and I can’t wait for this Friday!

Pick Of The Week: Alpha-1 Wrestling: Escape From The Basement

Great wrestling, a great promotion and non-stop entertainment from start to finish. You can’t ask for anything more.

Turkey Of The Week: Star Trek Discovery

Not a turkey, but Netflix dropped the ball with this one. I talked about the Short Treks mini episodes last time but despite these being intended as mid season fillers, the episodes that followed Season 2 are still not online to watch. I had to resort to watching them on DVD so it’s a huge disappointment that they’re missing. Fans have been let down by Netflix and CBS with them not being available prior to the debut of season three.

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So what have YOU been watching this week?

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