Streaming Media Weekly Choice #1 – 7th October 2020

Victory Road (Impact Plus)

As with most other pro wrestling companies, Impact Wrestling have been forced to produce all of their shows behind closed doors for the last few months. In the case of Impact Wrestling, that’s also meant that their free live monthly specials that have streamed on Twitch and their own streaming platform Impact Plus had to take a backseat as well. Last weekend (3rd October), their free shows returned with Victory Road. The three hour show was packed from start to finish and highlighted just why Impact is one of the best pro wrestling companies around right now. This was reason enough on its own to subscribe to Impact Plus and – as with some of it’s Pay Per View events this year – was strong enough to silence critics of Impact who think that wrestling stops at WWE.

If you’re not a fan of wrestling then you’ll want nothing of Impact, but if you’ve been away from it for a while or have been avoiding the promotion altogether then maybe this could be one of the shows to bring you back.

Star Trek Discovery: Short Treks (Netflix)

With the third season of Star Trek Discovery about to hit Netflix, I decided to head back to the show to re-watch the Short Treks specials. These mini episodes were produced between seasons, focusing on individual characters and were set away from the main ongoing storyline. Lasting around 10 minutes each, they’re a great entertainment for fans of the show. But more importantly they give us viewers the chance to see aspects of the crew that the series simply doesn’t have time for in the main episodes. They’re fun, quirky at times but above all else give the cast a chance to shine.

* * *

Pick Of The Week: UFO

UFO really has stood the test of time wonderfully. The costumes and music may be camp, but it’s solid drama from start to finish. Forget Thunderbirds, this is Gerry Anderson’s finest hour.

Turkey Of The Week: The Walking Dead World Beyond

I was dreading this after watching the trailer. A teen take on The Walking Dead didn’t sound promising. Yet it turned out to be far worse that I could have imagined. I struggled to make it through the 52 minute first episode and it was one that dragged and felt significantly longer. Even after the first ten minutes I was longing for it to all be over. This is one show that shouldn’t make it to a second season.

So what have YOU been watching this week?

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