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The (probably) complete list of references seen in “Free Enterprise” (1999)

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bly-complete-list-of-references-seen-in-free-enterprise-1999/2/-Claude Raines – “The Invisible Man”
-”Rear Window”
-Rosa Klebb – “From Russia with Love” Villain
-”Gas mining business starting to pay off.” Lando – Bespin – “The Empire Strikes Back”
-”Sweet Smell of Success” – Actual movie clip
-”The line must be drawn here and no further!” – “Star Trek: First Contact”
-”Can’t do it, Sally” – “The Godfather”
-TOS “This Side of Paradise”
-TOS “City on the Edge of Forever”
-”Jurassic Park”
-Fangoria – Horror Magazine
-Dilithium in the Mtrix Chamber – Enterprise Fuel
-National Geographic
-The Hubble space Telescope
-”It seems like I’m going nowhere” – Luke Skywalker quote
-”Manhattan” – Movie poster
-Julia Roberts – Actor
-”Scream” – Movie
-Linus Pauling – Winner of multiple Nobel Prizes
-Chuck Yeager – Broke the sound barrier
-Abraham Lincoln – President
-”Color of Money”
-Cyrano and Roxanne – Edmond Rostand – “Cyrano de Bergerac” – Play
-”Charade” – Movie Poster
-Laura” – Movie
-TOS – “Return to Tomorrow” – RIsk Monologue (The monologue that basically outlays all of what Star Trek is about) – Switched up the monologue is about Claire and Robert instead –
-Rhett and Scarlett – “Gone With the Wind” – Movie
-Harry and Sally – “When Harry Met Sally” – Movie
-Rick and Ilsa – “Casablanca” – Movie
-”Half Baked” on the newspaper in Robert’s apt – Movie
-”Babylon 5” figs
-Barbie “Star Trek” figs
-Saurian Brandy – Trek
-TOS “Operation: Annihilate”
-TOS “Amok Time”
-”Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov – Play
-”The Thin Man” – Nick and Nora Charles – Detectives
-Donna Reed
-”It’s a Wonderful Life” – Movie
-Pam Grier
-”Black Mama, White Mama” – Movie
-Grace Kelly – “Rear Window” – Hitchcock – Movie
-Tanya Roberts – “The Beastmaster” – Don Coscarelli – Movie
-Catherin Deneuve – “Belle de Jour” – Movie
-Rita Hayworth – “Gilda” – Movie
-Traci Lords
-Daphne Blake
-Scooby Doo
-Nova – “Planet of the Apes” – Movie
-Pan and Scan vs Letterbox Debate – Can’t even believe this was a thing, it drove me crazy. Letterbox only!
-”Turn death into a fighting chance for life.” – “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” – Movie
-”Come with me if you want to live.” – Terminator – Movie
-Orion slave girls – Star Trek Series
-Daniel Schweiger – In and of himself is a reference to his work at Full Moon, working at Full Eclipse in this film.
-”One of us, one of us!” – Freaks – Tod Browning – Movie
-”That is why you fail.” – Yoda
-Kermit the Frog
-TOS – “The Day of the Dove”
-TOS – “The Empath”
-The Rated R
-Mac Lipstick
-Lancomb Lipstick
-Prescriptives Lipstick
-Any time Shatner quotes anything it’s Shakespeare, not just Julius Caesar but also Midsommer Knights Dream, and others.
-”Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” – TV Series
-Irwin Allen – Creator of Voyage (Guy in movie is wrong it’s “Wagon Train” in space, not “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”)
-”Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”
-”Romeo is Bleeding”
-Darren Dochtorman’s Shatner impression is here for reasons
-Shatner for real can’t do the Vulcan Salute


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