Nintendo Switch Sales Reach Almost 23 million!

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Figures have been revealed from Nintendo’s financial reports that the Nintendo Switch sales are continuing to exceed all of their expectations. In their second quarter figures for 2018, the Switch sold a massive 3.19 million units (or 35,000 consoles EVERY DAY!). Combining this with a successful first quarter and prior sales, and the console has now reached a total of 22.86 million sales in its short lifespan.

It’s Rivals

In contrast, it’s predecessor, the WiiU has sold under 14 million units before it was discontinued. While it hasn’t matched the success of the Wii which sold over 101 million, it has overtaken the Gamecube which managed just over 21 million before being taken off the market. Despite being a younger machine, it has also beat its closest rival, the PS Vita which has currently amassed 16 million sales.

Many feel that the Switch is a natural successor to the Vita and we believe that a large number of Vita owners may have migrated to the Switch wanting to stay with a handheld platform.

The Games

It’s not just hardware that is performing well for Nintendo. Game sales have done remarkably well for the Switch, with over 111 million games sold for the platform since launch. Unsurprisingly the most popular so far have been from Nintendo’s established brands. Super Mario Odyssey has dominated the system with an attachment rate of over 50% with over 12 million copies sold. That’s followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe performing almost as well with 11.7 million.

Another firm favourite, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild managed an impressive 10 million. Languishing behind these was Splatoon 2 although this still came in with over 7 million units. With strong support for indie developers and no shortage of new games on the horizon, it’s clear that the Switch has a strong future ahead of it…

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