“True Horror”, a book about indie horror, raising funds on Indiegogo

Swedish author Magnus Blomdahl is looking to fund translation and production costs for his cult hit books about the production of independent horror films. The two books will get condensed into a single volume titled “True Horror”. It includes interviews with multiple notable filmmakers. More details below: 

About True Horror

True Horror is an interview book filled with … yeah, interviews! Originally two books in Swedish, now for the first time collapsed into a “best of” English version. In this book you’re going to find interviews with directors such as:

  • Marian Dora
  • Srdjan Spasojevic
  • Xavier Gens
  • Joel M. Reed
  • Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo
  • Fabrice du Welz
  • Tom Six

And many, many more!

About the author

My name is Magnus Blomdahl, cinephile, gorehound, filmmaker and writer. I’ve written two books (Äkta skräck 1 and 2) and directed a documentary film about the notorious German director Marian Dora (Revisiting Melancholie der Engel). I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

What I need

Basically I need help funding three things:

  • Design
  • Translation
  • Printing

The link to the campaign is here, and includes perks starting from $5 (a PDF version of the book): https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/true-horror-film#/

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