Disney Infinity Bargains Found In B&M

Despite disappearing from most retailers throughout the UK, with no sign of the toys on the shelves in outlets such as Tesco, most branches of GAME, and other major stockists clearing out everything they have left buying Disney Infinity figures and Playsets is now down to pot luck for fans of the franchise who are left with little choice but to look to second hand stores or ebay.

However, with larger stores believing that the figures and products are no longer useable, it appears that their remainder stocks have been removed from sale and redirected from their distribution warehouses and instead sold on to discount retail chains instead. We’ve found the first batch of figures have started to appear in branches of B&M for just £2.99 each including characters from Disney Infinity 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 including characters as recently released as Ant Man and Vision.

At the same time, catalogue store Argos are clearing out the last of their stock including Disney Infinity 1.0 Playsets for as little as £5.99 and figures from £2.99 again, although the choices are somewhat limited. At these prices we certainly don’t think they’ll be remaining in stores for long so hurry and grab a few deals while you can.

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